Is Fibromyalgia Hereditary?


Is Fibromyalgia hereditary?

With such broad description about the possible fibromyalgia causes, it is clear that, even medical professionals do not quite understand the condition. However, even if this is the case, there have been lots of breakthrough in the study of this condition. This can somehow help to address the question on whether fibromyalgia is hereditary or not.

Just like other rheumatic diseases, fibromyalgia is thought to develop due to a genetic tendency that can be passed on to the genetic offspring, most especially from mother to daughters.

Rheumatic diseases are sometimes epigenetic. This means that specific genes in your body can be activated by certain environmental factors (these genes would otherwise remained dormant). This results in the development of certain conditions in the body.


is fibromyalgia hereditary

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  1. says: Dr. Leslie Bowdrey

    I never knew of my mother or father to suffer symptoms of Fibromyalgia but both myself and my brother suffer with it, as do our daughters.

  2. says: Karen murdie

    I fully believe that my Fibromyalgia is in fact a condition that was passed down through my mother’s genes. She had exactly the same markers as myself although she herself was never diagnosed as having the condition. My mother suffered severe chronic pain, had both osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis aswell as many other crippling diseases she died bedridden with dementia after being in a hospital bed for four years. I really don’t want to end my days in the hell my mother was in.

    1. says: Lori Rangel Rangel

      I’m so sorry to hear about your mom. My mother is in a similar situation and it’s hard to watch her just giving up. She cannot walk or shower by herself and many other things. She has fibromyalgia and dementia, Alzheimer’s.

  3. says: Debbie

    I have been diagnosed with fibromyalgia for approximately 10 years and my daughter who is now 23 years has been suffering from symptoms of fibromyalgia for approximately five years, however she is under going tests for possible Lupus

  4. says: FurMomBBB

    My mother has fibro and so do I. We believe now, based on the symptoms & complaints of my grandmother, that she had fibro too. Even if the condition is environmentally triggered, it appears that the gene must be passed down. We know for sure that fibro is affecting the third generation in my family, & most likely, it appeared even earlier. More money needs to be allocated for research on treatment because the condition is extremely debilitating & affects all aspects of a person’s life.

    1. Iv had fibro for many years but was diagnosed about 12years ago. My paternal grandmother had rhumitoide arthritis (similar pain to fibro) and in looks, build, nature and such we are very alike. Also, my eldest daughter was diagnosed with MS some years ago (again similarities) whilst my youngest was troubled with “growing pains “ as a child. My son (middle child) suffered osgoudes shlatteries (I’m sure that’s not the correct spelling) as a child and teenager and now as an adult does occasionally get random pain (but refuses to get it checked out).
      All in all I’m pretty convinced that yes it is hereditary.

    2. says: Donna

      My mother and grandmother were both diagnosed with various forms of arthritis, etc however I believe that it was Fibro that my mother had. We both suffer/suffered gastric, bowel and bladder problems (along with other stuff), both morbidly obese and I have ended up in a very similar position to my mother at 50. Both virtually housebound, with a very small life. I wish I’d understood her pain more fully when she was alive. Sadly she died aged 61. I certainly believe that it’s hereditary and sadly I see minor symptoms of it in my 28 year old son. I first noticed I was different in my late 20s/early 30s.

  5. says: Melody

    Yes! I strongly believe that Fibromyalgia is Hereditary. My Mother had it, I have it, however my sister does not, my brother did. My youngest daughter has it, my older daughter doesn’t. I pray that if we have grandchildren they are spared this painful illness.

  6. says: Judy Mercado

    I believe that Fibromyalgia is passed along in some way. My Mother has Rheumatoid Arthritis, Osteoporosis and Arthritis. I have Fibromyalgia, Arthritis, Migraines, Raynaud’s, Scolosis, Bone Spurs along my Spine, and DDD. My Sister also has Rheumatoid Arthritis, Fibromyalgia, Raynaud’s and Arthritis. My Daughter shows several symptoms of Fibromyalgia since she was a Teenager. It’s passed in some way.

  7. says: Dale Walker

    I have had Fibromyalgia for a very long time, I was in my 20s, but it was not recognized until I was in my 50s. For years I suffered with chronic pain which was not acknowledged by any of the physicians that were treating me. I was also a diabetic that took over 10 plus years to be diagnosis . Due to prolong diagnosis, I also developed neuropathy. Now my 47 yr. old son is suffering and has not yet been diagnosis probably due to the same reasons. I am noticing that his 17 yr. old son could be experiencing the same symptoms but doesn’t want to admit it. Does it pay to have them examined by physicians, no because I have taken them and requested their knowledge to determine what the problem could be but have not mentioned my experiences of the past. For years I was filled with antibiotics because the physicians claimed I was having viruses and I knew better that something was definitely wrong with my body. However, I could not convince them.

    1. says: Anita Hughes

      Dale, mine began in my thirties but wasn’t diagnosed until in my fifties..Now my oldest daughter has a lot of the same symptoms I do but hasn’t been diagnosed yet..I also have 3 cousins who suffer from Fibro..I do believe it runs in families.

  8. says: Billie

    I’m positive my mother, now deceased with Alzheimer’s, also had fibro undiagnosed. Her father, also undiagnosed, also suffered with fibro related symptoms, who also passed with Alzheimer’s. My oldest and my youngest daughter both diagnosed with fibro.

  9. says: Millie L Campbell

    I too believe fibro is inherited …My son has it and he’s almost 35. I feel bad for my 3 grandkids cause i dont want them to suffer with everything fibro throws at us. I was adopted so i know nothing about my biological parents or their medical issues.

  10. says: Sharon Gandy

    I truly believe Fibromyalgia is hereditary. My Aunt on my mother’s side must have had it. She passed in 1999 at the age of 92 and was undiagnosed. Our entire family thought she was just a hypochondriac. It is one of the biggest regrets of my life thinking that and now knowing how my Aunt must have been suffering. She was a widow with no children. I am 64 now and have suffered with Fibro for the past 7 years, although I believe now it started much earlier than that. It came on strong after a car accident in 2011. However, I suffered with migraines since the age of 15 (I believe there is a correlation between migraines and fibromyalgia). The migraines stopped around 60 years old. Praise God! I take Cymbalta for pain and depression, trazadone to help me sleep and pain meds in the morning which help until they wear off. I know many people are opposed to taking pain meds, but research shows that they help in about 40% of fibro patients and I happen to be one of them. They don’t make me high, they just target my pain. No abuse here, just help from them. The combination of these has helped me a great deal. I try to reduce my stress level and say “no” to things more than I would like, but for the most part, I am coping. It is not easy sometimes when a flare-up occurs…but I know I caused the flare-up by doing too much. Everyone is different, yet everyone is the same regarding this affliction. Whatever it takes for YOU to live the best life you can, do it! Don’t listen to the naysayers about this medication/treatment or that one. You must be your own advocate…I wish only the best for anyone suffering from Fibro because no one but someone who has this can possible know how we feel. God’s blessings to all of you.

    1. says: Sharon Anderson

      Dearest Sharon,

      I know exactly how you feel, you’ve not only got the same name as myself you have also got this horrendous illness that we both suffer & it seems our life’s are very much the same paths also, your comment has made me sit up and take notice with what you have written, ( “have you ever thought about writhing a book ?? I would be the first to read it my dear”) I sometime feel like some sort of druggy picking up my prescriptions from the pharmacy , o I’m on the same meds as yourself also, although the cymbalta im beginning to have my doughts on it working properly just now.
      I have great difficulty in saying that big word No to people who look at me for help because I own a car or “ Sharon will give you a loan for a couple of weeks, through no fault of my own” I find it difficult to say no to people because I think there my friends , but I know there not really there just using me, over and over… my son thinks I’m a hyprocondriac even though I’ve being diagnosed & he can’t stand me talking about me.. so I don’t see him very often ! He will come for a couple of hours just to see his sister that he’s really jealous off but I can’t help it if she is by her nanny but I get the backlash… god life ain’t simple Sharon you have brought me back to life reading your story, and I wish you well and god bless you , Thank you .

  11. says: Lori Smalley

    I suffer from Fibromyalgia, as do several cousins of mine. It definitely is genetic, hereditary because so many in my family suffer from it.

  12. says: Denise

    I definitely believe it is hereditary. I have it and two of my sisters had it. My poor Mother suffered from it before it had a name. Two of my daughters are now starting to display symptoms of it as well. It breaks my heart to think of my daughter s suffering the way I have!!!!
    Please we must demand that more research dollars go towards discovering what is at the root of this life altering disease!! It is really much, much worse than any of these commercials on t.v. Are depicting it to be! The pain, the migraines, The inability to fall asleep, the depression and anxiety it causes, The I.B.S, with all of the pain that causes, and now my hair is falling out… It’s a Disease that hits you like you have been run over by a truck, similar to the worst flu you have ever had! The only difference is there is very little that can be done to help you. I would love for anyone who Doubts just how Severe the Pain is, to have it for just 1 month. I can guarantee you would Never doubt it’s severity again!

  13. says: Anna Weller

    So sad that this disease has been ignored for years I know I have had it far longer than I have been diagnosed I hated to complain cause I worked in a hospital where there were sick people So I just continued on to work and not say a word or for ever to think I was a hyperconderatic which I wasn’t. So years and years of pain and ageny I continued on my journey of working Til maybe 8 years ago been diagnosed with Fibromylgia I continue to hurt everyday. Have tried every medication possible for it couldn’t function very well and work taken it . So I just quit all meds and decided to deal with the pain and sleepless nights on my own. But it really takes a tole on u trust me Invisable cause u look good on the outside and people look at u like your crazy trust me I’m not. Been a hard working all my life since have retired and don’t think I could do a full days work anymore the pain is un real at times. But I continue on to stay active I go swimming in a salt water pool I walk I do YOGA Seems to keep u going but bad at times Finding the cold weather really effects me for some reason never did before.But we have to keep going that’s my story in a nut shell could go on and on but we all have different signs i’m sure. Thanks for all reports from all our fibro friends .

    1. says: Rachel Grice

      Can anyone tell me who or what kind of doctor it is that I need to see to be diagnosed with fibromyalgia. I believe that I have it due to the affect of the many problems that I have and go through on a daily basis. The pain that I am in is just making things so horrible. I have had surgery on my back a couple of times find out just recently that I not only have a disc disease I to have a joint disease as well the chronic pain is making things so bad for me there are many days that I can’t do my laundry so my dishes or other chores I have a pain specialist and he doesn’t understand why Im still in the amount pain that Im in do to all the meds that I take every day plus a pain pump and I still am not getting any relief. All I know is that I am hurting and need help to figure out what direction to take because Im at wits end with this pain I can’t take it no more. Please help me

  14. says: Christina

    There is no question in my mind it is inherited. My Mom and three of her sisters have it. Several of their kids (my cousins) including myself have it, diagnosed at age 20. And all three of my daughters started showing symptoms at about 16. They are are 17, 18, and 20 now and all suffer on a regular basis. I’ve done my best to hide it and make excuses but I’ve finally had to confess what Mom’s illness has been all these years so I could begin educating them on what it is and how to manage it the best they can. I’m heartbroken they will have this life.
    On a positive note; I have had super great results with Keto and fasting these last four months and can honestly say, I feel like I have it in remission. Best four months of health out of the last 27 years of my life.:)

  15. says: Demonica

    Well actually this has been around for centuries now, it has been known of for a while here in the UK,but it had been known by many other names before actually been known as what it is today. Fibrosis I think it was known as before.
    Like many other inherited conditions it can also be passed down within the family although before I was diagnosed with this condition my parents and I had never heard of it before. My mum had said non of her side had got it,but as they have conditions related to arthritis, I think there is some form of genetic connection between the two.
    I think also that there is a link between the actual cells that cause this condition that somewhere along the line that it has not been programmed correctly which also could be something to do with our genetics.
    Many years ago there was a famous female painter who also had this condition, think it was back in the 17th or 18th century, look it up. In relation to what the condition is called now and they say it’s new, it really isn’t new at all,just been renamed.

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