Foot Pain in Fibromyalgia

If you have got fibromyalgia, you will feel pain almost anywhere in your body, including your foot. In fact, several studies show that people who have fibromyalgia can feel more pain in their feet compared to other people who do not have the condition.

Foot Pain Symptoms

All sorts of pain can be uncomfortable, but some of them can affect your daily life more than others. This is especially true for foot pain since it will prevent you from walking, which is an important for us to carry out daily activities.

When foot pain attacks, even resting your foot on the floor can trigger a burning pain. Wearing shoes can be painful not only in your feet but also in adjacent areas as well. Walking can be an absolute agony. This is especially so if you step on any object. It can cause pain like a blade cutting your foot. It is also common for patients to wake up from sleep with achy feet as if they have walked for several hours.

Fibromyalgia foot pain can be as debilitating and can prevent you from doing even the simplest tasks.

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