Low-grade Fever In Fibromyalgia


What Causes Fibromyalgia Low-grade Fever

Weak immune system to fight infections which cause low-grade fever

Those who are suffering from fibromyalgia usually have a weak immune system. Hence, they can easily pick up infections during fibromyalgia flares. As mentioned infections are a common cause of low-grade fever. Hence low-grade fever in fibromyalgia may be due to infections or cold which the patient picked up.

Muscle pain and sensations cause one to feel feverish

In addition, severe muscle pain and tingling sensation in fibromyalgia can lead to the feeling of fever. With fibromyalgia, it is common for your skin to feel hot and you may even sweat. These symptoms may cause you to feverish, even though you do not actually have a fever.


fibromyalgia low-grade fever

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  1. says: Julie

    I get these fevers really bad . It seriously scares me . I become bed ridden as I have to always lie down . It seriously takes over my life . Plse what can I do …..

  2. says: Barbara Gorsline

    I frequently suffer from excessive sweating…..could this be the result of this low grade fever theory? Doctors can never find a reason…..very troublesome.

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