The Link Between Fibromyalgia and Bipolar Disorder

Overlapping Symptoms

Fibromyalgia and bipolar disorder have similar common symptoms that can make misdiagnosis seem possible. Both disorders trigger sleep disturbances as well as mood swings. Restlessness and irritability associated with fibromyalgia can be mistaken as hypomania. Moreover, bipolar patients can also suffer from frequent muscle pain, which is usually psychosomatic and a result of stress. This symptom can be mistaken for the pain associated with fibromyalgia. Fibro patients can also suffer from chronic depression that is similar to those experienced by bipolar disorder patients.

Lack of Definitive Diagnosis

Unfortunately, there has been no definitive test to diagnose bipolar disorder. Moreover, the diagnostic test for fibromyalgia is still in the early stages. It is now believed that fibromyalgia happens due to improper flow of blood in the brain. A special imaging can test for this but only in certain cases. Moreover, up till date, some doctors or psychiatrist still rely on diagnosis of exclusion to rule out any potential causes of the patient’s symptoms, in both fibromyalgia and bipolar cases. Therefore, there is a likelihood that cases where both conditions co-exist are overlooked.


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  1. says: James MC cleave

    Thank you so much for your e-mailed very much appreciated and I can identify with so much of the information contained. Thanks again . Be well.

  2. says: Toni Harriman

    Thank you for your email I have had fibromyalgia for the last 6 years had an op what went wrong and this came I do yoga and swim but I still find it hard coping with all this is a horrible thing mines active all the while thanks for your email

  3. says: Juliette

    I had been diagnosed as having bipolar disorder also along with my fibro but I knew it was just that I had fibromyalgia all along with crazy mood swings. Very helpful article.

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