Small Fiber Neuropathy in Fibromyalgia


Further Studies

In one small study that was published in 2013, further evidence was provided regarding the presence of small nerve fiber neuropathy for patients with fibromyalgia. During the study, researchers have looked into the small fibers from the various areas of the body by employing 3 different methods. Aside from skin biopsy, they also used pain response and sensory testing. They compared the results of patients suffering from depression and fibromyalgia to a group of healthy individuals.

These are the things they discovered from patients with fibromyalgia:

  • Fewer unmyelinated nerve fiber bundles are on the skin, although there is a normal level of myelinated nerve fibers
  • Impaired small fiber function resulting in an increased temperature sensitivity
  • Lower number of nerve fibers and there’s less regenerating nerve fibers found on the skin​
  • Sensory irregularities in the face, feet, and hands

From these findings, researchers have concluded that all these testing methods can support the idea that the impaired small fiber function may be the reason behind the neuropathic pain that patients with fibromyalgia would suffer from.


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