Fibromyalgia May Be More Severe For Younger Patients

fibromyalgia in young women

Fibromyalgia is a condition that affects millions of people from around the world. The condition exhibit various symptoms and most are common to other conditions. This is exactly what makes fibromyalgia mysterious, and is often misdiagnosed.


Younger Women Are More Affected By Fibromyalgia Symptoms

Although fibromyalgia is not really a gender-exclusive condition, there are many more women diagnosed with the syndrome than men. Women from all age groups could be affected, including both young and old.

However, recent study shows that younger women are actually more affected by Fibromyalgia than other age groups.  This discovery comes as a surprise especially since older patients are prone to poorer health condition in which symptoms should affect more severely. Contrary to the thought, even though the same symptoms appear both in older and younger women, the younger ones often perceive them stronger and have less endurance for them.

Another interesting factor found in the same study is that the younger fibromyalgia participants of the survey are actually smokers and have a relatively lower, hence healthier, BMI.


Fibromyalgia and Physical Health Condition

Fibromyalgia is strongly linked to the physical health condition of a patient. One theoretical cause of the pain syndrome is argued to be due to poor dietary intake and lack of physical exercise hence resulting in weight issues. According to researchers from the Pain management Center, at University of Utah, patients being overweight or have unhealthy BMI, can worsen symptoms and pain sensitivity significantly in fibromyalgia and other chronic pain conditions. Since weight and BMI is an important contributor to severity of fibromyalgia symptoms, it is surprising to find that younger pain patients with healthier weight suffer more severe symptoms than older pain patients.

Younger Age Groups Suffer More Severe Symptoms but For a Shorter Period

The same study suggesting younger patients are more affected by fibromyalgia have also shown, on the other hand, that although younger patients suffer worse symptoms, they have them for a shorter period as compared to older patients.

The fact that new discoveries are being made regularly should be good news for all fibro sufferers since the syndrome is still poorly understood. The same study has linked the pain syndrome to a history of abuse and chronic depression.

As of the moment, medical professionals and researchers have not yet reached a final decision when it comes to the main causes behind Fibromyalgia.

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  1. says: Catherine McDonald

    yes it was definitiely harder in my younger years but again the past two years now 60 as bar or parts so much worse. I dont believe this and as many of us know that suffer we face remission from the extreme pain but after 36 years it does not change….proper self care, exercise, drinking plenty of fluids and a clean diet are the best source of easing the pain… over worked and hurting…

  2. says: Valeriegardner

    Well I’m just in so much pain I’m really fed up at the moment ,and it does not get any better what ever age you are and I have got my disability payment and it’s never been a problem for me atm I’m doing a steroid wean which is making my life hell,so that is making my life worse

  3. says: Pamela

    I got sick with Fibro/cfs/arthritis 20 yrs ago. I was very sick and in more chronic pain through out those years. I learned to eat right and pace my chores. I had many symptoms i did not know was a part of my illness. I learned this through reading. I fell when i was carrying my son. When he was born I went into full fibro. It took a year until finally I told my Dr. Please send me to Specialist. The Specialist knew right away. I was lucky to have a caring understanding caretaker for many years. He passed at age 50 so my Family Dr. took over my care. I moved to another State and has had problems with more pain. Disc problems on a pinched nerve. So for a year and a half I see Pain Dr. in hospital. It has helped. I started taking B12 for energy. No more feeling drained. 1 3x a day. My advice is to have a Fibro Dr. and Pain Dr.

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