Tardive Dyskinesia In Fibromyalgia


However, a side effect of the Gabapentin is dyskinesia, which is an involuntary movement of your arms or legs. However, this can also include some less obvious symptoms such as a tendency to smack or purse your lips together. The condition can become worse if you are at rest. It can also lead to sleep issues hence making fibromyalgia management worse.

What Causes Dyskinesia In Fibromyalgia?

It is said that low levels of neurotransmitter, known as dopamine, often trigger dyskinesia. Low levels of dopamine are usually common for fibro patients, although it is not known why. However, dyskinesia appears to be more of a side effect of medications used to treat fibromyalgia than a complication or symptom of fibromyalgia itself.


fibromyalgia and dyskinesia

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  1. says: Kim

    The doctor tried to put me on roiling last week. I said give me a trial pack as I’m allergic to most medications. He gave me a script for the highest dose with 200 tablets. Take one a day. I googled side effects and rang chemist who was horrified that a dr who knew I was allergic to meds would even think of writing a script got that dose and amount. I sure didn’t fill script. I’ve tried gabapentin yes very bad news along with many more of those dangerous drugs. I’m not taking anything so my pain level is hitting 85-95 most days. 100 sometimes and if lucky 50-60 two or three days a month. Here in Australia there are very few drs who have any idea what fibromyalgia is and most pain management clinics are telling people it’s all in their heads and clinics can turn our brains off and reprogram them. Think it’s a bit late for me. I started getting fibromyalgia 50 years ago and deteariated from hard manual work cooking for 70 men trying to put pain behind me 8 yrs ago to now in a wheelchair hating every minute of it as can’t even cook for my self. What amazes me about s the disease has been around for hundreds of years. No one has discovered the real cause, a simple test, proper no side effect treatment and no cure but can create all these vaccines , drugs and cleaners etc that are actually making people worse off so you have to take more to counteract those and it goes on and on.

  2. says: Jennifer

    Hi I have been diagnosed with fibro and I am having a hard time believing that I actually have fibro since there are no actual test to prove it, but my health has been going down hill ever since. I am 41 and I am on so medication it is scary. I am on Gabapentin I shake my legs like crazy but I have done this forever I call it my nervous habit. Ugh I am just depressed and wishing and hoping for more answers I guess. Thank you for listening!

  3. says: Anne Marie Marie CARPENTER

    I have been dealing with fibromyalgia for over 20 some years now, I am 50 and it is just getting worse for me, I am allergic to lyrica and gabapentin it breaks my mouth out with sores and my tongue swells, I also have allergic reaction to aspirin and all NSAIDs and iron !!!!! I really feel most days that I am ready to just end it all because I have no quality of life I dont enjoy any thing anymore and yes I’m on medication for depression but it doesn’t really seem to help cant get anything to help with a good night sleep either I’ve told my doctor what would help me but they just dont want to help people any more and my life is worthless I’m just verily hanging on these days I’m so stiff in the morning and through the day I cant hardly walk and so sleepy at work , it’s just no way to live !!!!!

    1. says: Janice

      Try CBD oil. It is the only thing that really helps me. If you go looking for it make sure it is organic full spectrum. Start at 500mg. You may need stronger. I take 1000mg and I have a deep sleep for several hours instead of being only half asleep and in pain. Good luck.

  4. says: Donna Ables

    If you had a severe case of mononucleosis that caused nerve problems yellow jaundice and so would that lead to developing fibromyalgia later in life

  5. says: Elizabeth

    Low Dose Naltrexone protocol has helped me a lot with fibro pain. I grind a 50 mg. pill, mix with 30 ml. water, and draw out 5 ml. per dose. So, six nightly doses/one pill. And inexpensive.

    Please research this and educate your PCP. And check out Dr. Jarrod Younger, researcher with UAB, who posts informative videos of his clinical trial work with fibro and chronic fatigue.

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