Do I Have fibromyalgia? – Fibromyalgia Self Test

Allergies and Sensitivities

  • Have you developed allergies in the past six months? Have any of these allergies worsened or developed?
  • Are you sensitive to dust, mold and to certain food?
  • Do you have sensitivity to odors, fumes and chemicals?
  • What about sensitivities to certain drugs or alcohol?
  • Have you noticed rashes and skin sensitivities lately?

Medical History

Do you have any history of the following symptoms?

  • Medical condition, new stressors and life changes.
  • Psychiatric condition that have psychotic features including bipolar affective disorder.
  • Alcohol and substance abuse in the past two years with appearance of other symptoms.

Your answer to the fibomyalgia self test questions can help doctors in diagnosing if you are indeed suffering from Fibromyalgia.

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  • I also know when you have fibromyalgia like me you have lots of memory loss and many other disorders with that. I also have sjogrens, psoriatic arthritis, osteoporosis’s, ankleosis spondylitis, neuropathy in low back. Many back pain areas. Tired all day but fight to stay awake. When going to sleep I have trouble. Wake every 2 hrs with pain between my knees

  • I have almost everyone of the above listed symptoms. I am constant pain, Imhave trouble sleeping, have no energy, dry eyes, vision, tender spots as mentioned above, chronic fatigue, all kind of allergies, numbness, tingling and burning in feet and hands and so many more pain issues that have been going on for years.

  • I have herniated disk and can’t sleep low back pain . Pain down right leg , sometimes both legs. Problems thinking remembering, fatigue breathing heavy , tender spots .sharp dull and shooting pains in back and legs feet also. Clothes bother me at times.

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