Laser Therapy Can Help Ease Pain In Older Fibro Patients

Further Studies Investigating Three Levels of HILT

The results have triggered researchers to investigate further on how the three levels of HILT can help older fibromyalgia patients. These levels consist of low, intermediate as well as high watt intensities.

A 67-year-old patient diagnosed with fibromyalgia for seven years, failed to improve despite undergoing treatments. These treatments include diet supplements, medication and a pain management program. Under the pain management program, she undergoes behavioral therapy, physical therapy, medication and some laser treatments at an intensity level of 25 watts.

Researchers tried the different levels of intensity to the patient. The laser beams were applied on her spinal column, including 10 tender points in between her shoulders and hips. The low intensity level of only 1 watt has failed to help the patient. However, the higher levels of 42 and 75 watt led to a significant reduction in pain. Furthermore, these therapies helped to improve her sleep quality and increased her level of physical activity. In addition, immediately after the higher levels of treatment, the patient no longer needs any opioid-based medication.

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    • I had back surgery in 2017. I have suffered through pain for a long time. After my back surgery my pain got worse and not better. I have been to numerous doctors and nobody seems to know what is wrong with me. They say I have failed surgery back syndrome. I tell the doctors it is more than that. I have been suffering for years with pain. I go to doctors and nobody wants to point me in the right direction. All they do is send me to pain management doctors. I ask is there any doctors out there that they can send me to To figure out what is going on with me. Right now I am on numerous pain medications which do not work. I again this week called my PCP doctor and my pain management doctors and no one wants to return my calls or lead me in the right direction to where I have to go. Some days the pain is so bad I just cry. No one will listen to me no one will help me. I just don’t know how to get through to my PCP to look into what else could be going on with me. I have suggested Fibromyalgia and i get told no. That’s not what it is. I have even been to a rheumatoryarthritis doctor to who says no on the first visit that’s not what I have. Never looked into my case and sent me on my way. do have a sister who experiences the same type of pain and was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia. I live in Follansbee, WV And have been looking for doctors who will look into my own illness and help me. If anyone out there knows where I can go where someone will look into my case and listen to me I would be so grateful . I am so tired of living in Constant pain.

  • I like this study if is going to help my pain go away…sure…how do I go about getting it? Where do I go? What hospital or doctor can take my United Health Care Insurance so I can get rid of this annoying pain of almost every single day.
    I too am 67 years old also on dialysis and my back pain alone with my hips and all over is sickening already, please advice. Thanks

  • I hHave had fibromyalgia for over a year and so far I cannot find anybody that can help me with this pain if anybody knows what I can do about this pain please let me know the pain is very terrible and can’t do hardly anything because of the pain

  • There are many tender points and trigger points causing pain, stiffness. Especially where should be
    better to use of laser therapy?

  • how long we can use laser therapy in same area of our body…..? how many times we can use laser therapy once at a time?

    • It depends on the wavelength of low level laser and the total power of cold laser device, normally we suggest our clients use about 20 minutes on the affected area, once or twice per day is ok.

  • I’m a 73 year old woman and I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia 40 years ago, I received social security disability based on fibromyalgia when I was 51 yrs. old. I can’t even remember when I had a pain free day, as I age, it only gets worse. I’ve broken a leg, my hand, a shoulder, had a knee replaced, broken a hip and had a full replacement, had spine surgery, carpal tunnel release in both hands, epicondylitis surgery in an elbow, etc. all very painful and complications with some. At the present time, I am experiencing terrible neck and upper back pain, but am so tired of doctors and surgeries, am putting off even seeing a doctor. I had an excellent family physician, but he recently moved to his home town and I am seeing his nurse practitioner, there is a shortage of doctors in this county, so many retiring or not accepting new patients. I am on numerous medications, sometimes I just want to stop all of them. I’ve had counseling for depression and anxiety. I’m so tired and feel like there will never be any medication to really help with fibromyalgia pain. Are there any trial clinics in Indiana?

  • I have had fibromyalgia partially for 46 years and all over 36 years. Diagnosed by rheumatoid doctor 7 years after my second C-section kicked it in all over. I try not to have surgeries because as I have learned over the years it is more damage to feel forever! Even carpel tunnel repair I still feel 7 years after.

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