Is Dopamine Linked to Fibromyalgia?

fibromyalgia dopamine

Research shows that the effects of dopamine on fibromyalgia may be more significant than ever. But what is dopamine exactly and how does it affect fibromyalgia?

What Is Dopamine?

Dopamine is a neurotransmitter. This means that it is a chemical that transmit signals to the brain. Dopamine plays an important role in influencing the way you think, act and feel.

As dopamine is a neurotransmitter in your brain, it is naturally responsible for your mood, stress and alertness. However, dopamine can actually do a lot more than influencing your mental functions. Dopamine is responsible for various functions of your body and having a low level of dopamine can lead to various problems and conditions.

For instance, dopamine also plays a part in your nerve functions. It is responsible for transmitting signals throughout your body and telling your body to move. Hence dopamine helps to control your movement and energy too. Some doctors believe that conditions such as the Parkinson’s disease are due to a low level of dopamine in the brain. Interestingly, several studies show that those who have fibromyalgia actually have low levels of dopamine.

Dopamine And Fibromyalgia

The fact that fibromyalgia may be a result of having low levels of dopamine in one’s brain, means that there may be a link between dopamine and fibromyalgia. Normal levels of dopamine are important to the most basic functions of your body. Thus, low levels of dopamine can also make it difficult to concentrate or think clearly. This may be the reason behind some of the symptoms that are associated with fibromyalgia.

Supplements for Dopamine Production

There are no dopamine supplements but there are other supplements that have been known to help stimulate the production of dopamine in your body. L-theanine and Tyrosine are other amino acids that can help to increase the production of dopamine. Fish oil can also help to increase your dopamine levels and is generally good for your body.


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