The Link Between Brain Damage and Fibromyalgia

brain damage and fibromyalgia

Not too long ago, those who are suffering from fibromyalgia were told that the pain is simply all in their head. However, a recent study documented the changes of the amygdala in patients who are suffering from fibromyalgia and qualified it as an organic brain damage.

What is Considered Brain Damage?

Brain damage happens when there is a disruption in the process of the neurotransmitter functioning as well as neurochemical balance. It may or may not associate itself with problems associated with motor control and cognition. The damage in the brain can be as obvious as loss of speech. It can also be as subtle as losing control of the adrenal glands as a response to infections. Diagnosing brain damage can be difficult. ECG is only considered to be 50 percent reliable. On the other hand, CAT and MRI scans will not pick up on all kinds of damages.

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  • I have fibromyalgia and have for a long while. I also have Charlie horses in strange places through out my body I have them in my guts,chest,ribs, and loins of my back and in my neck I even be get them inside my rectum, Theses are a daily thing for me,does this connect to the fibromyalgia?

  • I went through the same for about a month and then it disappeared, it was hell while it lasted and the doc didn’t really take it seriously. I dread it happening again, poor you

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