Visceral Pain in Fibromyalgia

fibromyalgia visceral pain

Fibromyalgia patients are very familiar with pain. Living with this chronic condition can lead to several painful symptoms. Are you aware that pain is available in different forms? In an effort to help people suffering from chronic pain, doctors came up with a system for classifying pain. One of the categories is known as visceral pain. This pain is among the most painful of all and can indicate serious problems with the body.

What Is Visceral Pain?

Pain is classified into two major categories – neuropathic and nociceptive. Nociceptive pain refers to the normal response of the body against an injury as a result of the damage to the body tissues. On the other hand, neuropathic pain comes from the nervous system.

Visceral pain falls under nociceptive pain which mostly originates from within the body tissues. Visceral pain generally affects the body’s inner organs also known as viscera. This refers to the organs within the abdomen such as the kidneys, lungs, heart and liver. Due to the way our nerves form around the viscera, the inner organs feel pain differently from other parts of the body. For instance, these organs feel more pain when being stretched or twisted as compared to being sliced or cut. This because the nerves of the inner organs are more sensitive to some types of pain. Hence, visceral pain can feel very different from other forms of pain.

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  1. says: Adele

    since my diagnosis October 2017 alot of things fell into place …. I was diagnosed with Dystonia in 1996 …rheumatoid arthritis in 2016 ….. maybe the pain I feel all relates … so maybe I’ve had Fybromyalgia longer than I thought ….. ŕegards Adele Bretherton

  2. says: Cheryl McCollister

    I have been having horrible pain that just started in my stomach area that is excruciating. It gets so bad that I cannot go to work. It goes away, but comes back, does this sound familiar?

    1. says: Jenn

      I have been suffering with this type of pain for several years, not able to describe exactly how it hurts. I have overwhelming nausea and cold chills on and off. Been to a gastroenterologist, internist and rheumotologist. Next stop is an endocrinologist. I have a part time job that I have called off from more times than I like because I’ve been too sick to leave the house. Not sure how long I can hang on feeling like this. Not sure what to do next. I feel your pain.

      1. says: Luz N OCASIO

        That complaint I have and the gastroenterologist told me that I have Irritable Bowel Sindrome. This is cause diarrhea other days constipation and abdominal pain.Hope that you no have this.

  3. says: TA

    I have had severe stomach pain since I had chronic sickness which came on suddenly, was investigated but never solved, it only comes on for a few hours usually, but I get painful stomach rumbles. I do have gall stones, but decided they don’t react to fatty foods, so probably aren’t the problem. I think the idea of doctors administering pain relief before investigating is somewhat of a fantasy, even if the pain reaction isn’t necessary comfort isn’t their priority, the diagnosis is. If GPs fob you off, you can request to see a specialist.

  4. says: Janet

    I have been getting stomach pains for about twenty years. They come a lot when I bend over or twist certain ways. Docs don’t know what it is.

  5. says: Kim Reed

    I’ve had stomach problems for a good 30 years off and on and have seen a gastroenterologist for several years still having issues. Been treated for diverticulitis off and on with antibiotics still have issues bad.

  6. says: Charlotte Lamourex

    I used to have terrible stomach pains so bad i would pass out at school Dr didn’t know what it was told my mom it was growing pains then it was a nervous stomach i was in my early 40s was diagnosed with ulcerative colitis ibs gastritiss acid reflux omg it took them all that time to dig. Me then it was sugar then fibro tendinous in hips knees my body has been threw a lot i had surgery s for a lot of stuff prollapse rectum have to have esophagus stretched every 3-6 months now in pool therapy its been a lot of up and downs that for sure I’ve learned to go by min moment by moment then day by day that’s all i can do with help from my friends family and concealers i do the best i can do

  7. says: Lana

    I’ve just read through all these comments regarding visceral hypersensitivity . In each and every response there are stomach issues .. yet I haven’t seen one sentence connecting IBS to your gut stretching pains etc .
    Just curious as Fibro and IBS go hand in hand . Perhaps if you are treating the IBS / Diverticulitis etc. .. your visceral hypersensitivity would be less than .

  8. says: Allana

    Visceral hypersensitivity can be treated . FIBRO can be treated . IBS can be treated . All naturally . Takes work . They are all interconnected as with most body mind spirit problems . Don’t give up folks . I’m a Holistic educator . It is HARD work and takes staying regimented in all areas of your life to get it back from where it’s gone higgly piggly . You’ve got to regain your stability and be in opposition to thoughts and behaviors that can hamper success. Lots of answers lots to do to get healthy .
    It’s up to you . Don’t give your body up to Doctors !!!!!!!’!!! They don’t know everything nor do they approach FIBRO with much except drugs that F you up in other ways with side effects . Reclaim your life . Start today !!

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