Whole Body Vibration Exercises For Fibromyalgia

Why Is It An Exercise?

You may be wondering how would simply standing on a plate be considered as a type of exercise. This is because the activity will deceive the body into a falling sensation which will activate the hormonal reflux of the body. This results in a rapid muscle contraction. Such muscle contraction can help to relieve muscle pain in fibromyalgia.

Furthermore, fibromyalgia muscle pain affects many parts of your body such as your neck, legs, arms and back. Hence, whole body vibration exercise which is applicable to your entire body, can target all the pain spots to help provide general pain relief.

Suitability for Those with Muscle Pain

The most common symptoms found in fibromyalgia are muscle pain and tension and fatigue. Unfortunately, these symptoms prevent fibromyalgia patients from exercising regularly. As whole body vibration exercise is non-vigorous, in fact fairly effortless, it is ideal for fibromyalgia patients and others who suffer from chronic illnesses. Keep in mind that exercise is essential to prevent the onset of other diseases, such as diabetes and high blood pressure.


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  1. says: Olwyn McEwen

    I have allodynia as a symptom of my fibromyalgia and this means every step I take is painful as I can feel the tremor going up my legs everytime I place each foot on the ground when walking, my arms are also very tender to the touch and it feels as if I am bruised all over but obviously with no mark. To use a vibration power plate would be extremely painful for me. Yet allodynia isn’t mentioned in this item in terms of a warning to those suffering it, that it may not be a good idea to try it.

  2. says: SHARON

    I was in extreme pain one morning after work. My boyfriend and I went to Sam’s. They had a demo of one of these machines. The man showing it asked if I wanted to try it. I declined saying I was in too much pain. He talked to me some more and I decided to try it,figuring I couldn’t hurt much more than I was. I was on the machine for about 10 minutes total. I tried different positions,even sitting. When I was done I felt so much better! My fibromyalgia pain was considerably less for about 2 weeks. I wish I had the $ and the space for one

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