Signs and Symptoms of Vitamin D Deficiency


1. Fatigue and lack of energy

There are many reasons why we experience fatigue and low vitamin D levels is one of them. Several research have shown that low blood levels of vitamin D results in fatigue and can have an adverse impact on quality of life. According to an empirical study, those who have a blood levels of below 30 ng/ml are more likely to report having fatigue as compared to those who measure above 30 ng/ml. As a reference, blood levels below 20 ng/ml count as deficient.

In a particular study of a female patient, researchers discovered that severely low blood levels of vitamin D, at 5.9 ng/ml, was the trigger of chronic daytime fatigue and head pain. The study also observed that vitamin D supplement can increase blood levels of vitamin D and relieve the symptoms involved.


fear of pain in fibromyalgia

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