Can Posture Correction For Fibromyalgia Relieve Pain?

  • Alexander technique – this technique is more than a hundred years old. A theatre actor discovered that his unnatural movement has affected his speech. Hence he developed this technique. Several actors have also used this technique to train their body to move naturally. They also found it to be effective in improving posture and speech.
  • Feldenkrais method – this method requires working with a teacher in slowly correcting ones posture. It requires moving more naturally through a series of several guided exercises.
  • Back brace – one of the simplest ways in correcting posture is to wear a corrective back brace. The brace is commonly used in correcting scoliosis, although they can also help in achieving better posture. There are lots of these braces that you can buy online. You can also read reviews from customers who have tried using them.


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  1. says: Laura Mitchell

    These are all good ways to help your posture but visiting a chiropractor should be on this list since a misaligned spine can cause bad posture. Also yoga helps this too

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