Low Serotonin In Fibromyalgia


Physical Symptoms of Low Serotonin

While serotonin is commonly associated with mood, it can actually affect quite a few physical processes in your body as well. If a person is experiencing low serotonin in fibromyalgia, there are a number of physical symptoms which he or she can experience:

  • Chronic fatigue – despite getting a full night’s sleep is a common symptom.
  • Disturbed sleep or poor sleep
  • Serotonin can also affect appetite as well – a person with low serotonin will likely have a complete loss of appetite or will instead crave carbs.
  • Craving carbs – this is the body’s way of attempting to make more serotonin.
  • Stomach pain – many people with low serotonin will also experience stomach pains, which in turn affects their appetite making it even more difficult to eat regularly.
  • Headaches
  • Hot flashes and other temperature changes that are not connected to the environment.

fibromyalgia low serotonin

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