Fibromyalgia Pain Relief Tip #15: Pectin for Joint Pain?

Pectin is a substance found in the walls or skin of any fruits or plants. It plays a crucial role in keeping the walls or skin of the fruit intact especially when it ripens. Consuming pectin has been associated with relieving joint pain in arthritis. Across the web and social media, there have been many positive feedback on the effectiveness of pectin for arthritis patients.

A theory suggests that pectin helps to strengthen the cells of soft tissues in the joints and hence enable movement with less pain. The London South Bank University explains that pectin regulates the flow of fluid in the cellular level and helps combine cells together. This could possibly be why arthritis patients are seeing positive results with pectin as it may play a part in remedying the accumulation of fluid in the joints that is causing pain. Nevertheless, to date, there has not been any studies to confirm pectin's benefit in relieving joint pain, and we can only see it as a grandma's remedy.

Still, it could be worth a try. If pectin does not help in joint pain, it certainly helps for your bowels. Pectin is also found to bind stools together and helps in expelling toxins out of the colons. Pectin is water soluble and can be found in some fruit juices, like grape juice. It is commonly used as a thickening agent in jam and jellies. Concentrated pectin in the form of liquid or powder is also widely available in most supermarkets.

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