Why You Shouldn't Use Marijuana To Treat Fibromyalgia Pain

There are several reasons why some doctors do not recommend the use of medicinal marijuana to treat fibromyalgia, no matter how debilitating..

  • According to a review in Arthritis Care & Research, doctors do not encourage the use of medical marijuana chiefly because the side-effects of taking marijuana, for an extended period, is still unknown and unpredictable. More studies need to be done to support the use of it.

  • The dosage and consistency of the product has not been regulated by the law which is why doctors feel it's safer to shy away from using medicinal marijuana for pain relief.

  • There aren't any studies that point to the use of marijuana for rheumatic diseases. Hence no one knows how effective it is, and whether there are any side-effects to be expected. The review mentioned above, published in 2013, also state that only 19% of Colorado's family physicians were of the opinion that medical cannabis should be given to fibromyalgia patients.

  • Doctors also believe that instead of allowing self-medication of medical marijuana for patients of fibromyalgia, a comprehensive study on how to administer it, how much to give and in what conditions is paramount. These days, herbal cannabis is being used for pain relief, though illegally.

  • One obvious reason why medical marijuana is not a doctor's choice for pain relief is that the use of cannabis makes patients high, due to its Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) content. Older patients who are wobbly on their feet may suffer a fall after taking herbal cannabis, which is dangerous. In addition, taking cannabis also affects driving or operating machinery.

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