What You Need to Know About Fibromyalgia Thigh Pain

fibromyalgia thigh pain

Fibromyalgia is a chronic pain syndrome which cause widespread body pain in the muscles, ligaments and tendons. The pain can also radiate from other areas into the thigh. Fibromyalgia thigh pain can lead to weakness of the legs, and can really cause difficulty in walking or even basic movements such as sitting and standing.

Possible Causes of Fibromyalgia

Natural medicine practitioners believe that the symptoms of fibromyalgia, especially the pain in the thigh area is due to an overgrowth of fungus called candida albicans. This fungus lives naturally in the body and overuse of antibiotics, along with poor diet and lack of exercise can trigger the condition. On the other hand, excess fungus along with other toxins can invade the tissues, cells and muscles in the thigh. The natural treatment for the thigh pain in fibromyalgia includes eating more vegetables and selective fruits and taking proper supplements.

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  1. says: Carol

    I caution your readers about your recommendation of eating more fruits to the fibromyalgic’s diet. Fruits contain sugars which candida thrives on according to Dr. Crook and his research ( The Candida Diet). I personally have noticed much improvement simply by increasing my veggies and selecting friuts which are lower in sugars by following his guidelines!

  2. says: Mandy

    Had fibro for 7 yrs now, pain, depressed an noone wants to listen. Just pump u with different tablets. So tired an fatigued after working 5 hrs in my mon _ fri job as a nursery chef. Im 52 but dont no how much longer i will be able to carry on doing what im doing as every day is harder. My neck, shoulders, back an legs r the worst. Feel like im carrying heavy weights around. Sometimes i wish i had a known disease so people would know an understand. The lonelyness an pain in ur body is the hardest. Dont wish this on nobody. So sad. Xxx

    1. says: Sara

      I was 51 when I could no longer work as a teacher. I was also under stress from my home life. Most school districts will not, or don’t know how to deal with a person with fibromyalgia, but in my situation, they had an excellent early retirement due to a medical condition option. I felt just like you! Every day I felt I was at death’s door because I was so exhausted. I didn’t want to retire either. I was waiting for the perfect age where I would get all the big bucks in retirement, but I realized that if I waited that long, I would probably be dead or unable to do anything. I went through the process to get into the program. At first I fought it, and it was hard to get a doctor that understood this was not a Social Security program and there are different guidelines to follow. One doctor told me that I had to be homebound in order to qualify for anything like “disability”. I think my HR had to step in and explain it to them. I fought having to retire early, and then one day I had the realization that it was a blessing, and if I adjusted my lifestyle I could retire early! So I accepted it. I also divorced my husband who wouldn’t work with me (another story), and moved to a different state. It was so hard! OMG try being a single woman, with an income from early retirement based on a medical condition and get a mortgage! But I did it. Now I live simply, on a 5 acre mini ranch with a bunch of dogs, chickens and a goat. I pretty much keep to myself but enjoy local college concerts and activities, etc. I have to pay for some of my difficult chores to be done, but I manage. I live in the most beautiful place. I highly recommend making a life change to simplify life. Whatever it takes to attain peace and maximize your abilities. I waited until my children were grown to do this, and I don’t have a large family to meddle in my business or life choices. Stressful situations still get my bad days going, but I have more time to work through the pain. I also feel that being in a cleaner, healthier place has helped. I have to watch my budget, and I have had to cash in private retirement accounts to set myself up to live debt free, but this is turning out to be a good thing. Who knows how long we will be alive to wait for a retirement account to kick in. If you reduce your debt, it is possible to live simply. After I pay off my truck-very soon-I will just have my mortgage, an electrical bill that was $45 dollars last month, and phone, internet and insurance. No water bill as I have my own well. I hope this helps you to think about retiring and downsizing or relocating. Life is to enjoy and not work yourself to death.

    2. says: Jean Lacocque

      mandy, I was 35 when I became symptomatic. My younger day were so much harder. for some reason my fibro got better as I got older. I had to leave my career at 37. Being at home helped me alot. I couldnt manage my pain and work. Happiness is my best medicine. Be around people who laugh. I also ran a group from the american chronic pain foundation in chicago. see if there is a goup near you through them . check out their web page . also the fibromyalgia network. They really helped educate me.

      1. says: Jean

        Mandy, I was 35 when I became symptomatic. My younger days were so much harder, for some reason my fibro got better as I got older. I had to leave my career at 37. Being at home helped me alot. I couldn’t manage my pain and work. Happiness is my best medicine. Be around people who laugh. I also ran a group for the american chronic pain foundation in chicago. See if there is a group near you through them .Check out their web page , also the fibromyalgia network. They really helped educate me.

    3. says: Terri

      Mandy, I am so sorry you have to deal with any of this. I have the neck/shoulder pain (& feelin as if somethin is sittin on my shoulders).. also legs pain/aches most days, along with sparatic, severe joint pain… i imagine i started having symptoms long ago, (leg/muscle aches, neck issues, restless legs, and digestion probs… not all at once, but gradually through the last 20 yrs … I’m 54, and it is so sad and frustrating that we cannot seem to get long term relief, and that others (family members) don’t really seem to believe how difficult it makes things on a daily basis! I often try to convince myself it’s my fault, and I need to and can do more to “fix” it. Unfortunately, The “brain fog” that accompanies the fibro; and already having depression issues, does not often lead me to a place where I can actually follow through with “getting any kind of “ routine, diet, etc. to help with relief… I hate the exhaustion and guilt, and distance it adds to my life. thanks for letting me voice this… It’s just sometimes i think it’s just aging or being
      lazy… but I do know it’s more than that, but don’t like to have a pity party and feel like i’m not really heard or believed. thanks!

    4. says: Betty J Rosenbaum

      I just read what you wrote about your Fibro and I feel for you. I know what you’re going through. Everyone looks at you like you’re crazy when you say you have pain and you don’t look like you’re sick. I continued working for 6 years after I was diagnosed with Fibro and in between I had several more
      things to crop up with it. I got bite by a Tick which caused Neuropathy because they didn’t catch it in time to stop the damage. I was so sick some days I could barely put one foot in front of the other, I became depressed and no more around me even noticed. So hang in there and get help if Fibro is your problem, get help with diet and a lot of rest when you get home and remember the house doesn’t have to be spotless like you thought it did. If you have children that will pitch in try to get them to help.
      Quitting your job is not always the solution if it’s something you enjoy, just see what you can do to make it easier on yourself. Just don’t be afraid to ask for help. You will be glad you did. Do what makes you happy and it will help your Fibro.

      Betty Rosenbaum

    5. says: Kathy Erb

      Are you not on meds, anti depressants, something for sleep. Often they help with sleep too. Check in with your doc,or find one that knows fibromyalgia.
      Xo kathy

  3. says: Susan

    Mandy, I understand and know completely how you feel. Because chronic pain is invisible to an outsider I always say I’d rather have cancer, people would be more receptive to that. Even my own family is unsupportive. I wouldn’t wish Fibro on ANYONE!! I have it for 30 years and because of all the other issues you get with it I’ve been on so many different meds my gut is ruined, and nothing seems to help this pinball machine pain. It goes from one spot to the next, my husband says “so where does it hurt today”? Just know you are NOT alone. Perhaps someday they will do more research to come up with a preventative plan or a cure. Prayers & Blessings for you

  4. says: Marcia

    I’ve had fibro for years (23). It’s a debilitating and depressing. Fight on to continue working as long as you can. The depression gets so much worse with no employment.

    1. says: Terri

      I agree Marcia, i’m really a people person, and a good worker … not having a “job” or pursuing an interest, sharing time with people on a regular basis just makes the depression worse… so
      tired sometimes, and overwhelmed not being able to “control” it all. prayers for all suffering from this and all other dis eases.

  5. says: Wendy

    Hi Mandy
    I totally agree with you having this fibromygalia really sucks.

    Its hard to do anything when you are so tired confused and in pain everywhere.

    Try if you can to remain positive I know thats not easy tho.

    All.the best


  6. says: Dora

    Omg I never heard anyone explain exactly how I feel. Your story is mine. I hate this illness, my job,and my life. I’m 57 and I think this is how the rest of my life is going to be. Thanks for letting me know I’m not alone.

  7. says: Diana Wolery

    I have been using Salonpaz for thigh pain…It is good to get the smaller pads because you can put in several hot spots and not waste the pad. They really do help with the pain.

    Also, I am investigating having my mercury tooth fillings replaced. They are made with 50% mercury!! How can they not go into your body when you chew or brush or grind your teeth in any way. They cannot be encapsulated, which is the popular dental answer to these being safe!! I certainly would never knowingly eat mercury!!

  8. says: Christine

    It’s great to have people that understand that pain I feel almost daily since I’ve been diagnosed 3 years ago. I am totally again prescriptions that can totally mess you up. Susan I’m sorry your guts are ruined. I would like to share something have found recently that is natural and really helps…
    Hemp Oil. It’s amazing. It is totally legal and does NOT make you high. But Caution: not all hemp oil is created the same. You need to find a reputable dealer and you can try a small bottle first to see if it works for you. Like I said, they are not all created the same… walmart – NO! That didn’t work. Reputable dealer – YES! I was absolutely AMAZED at the results. I wanted to jump on the treadmill again. The downside is when it wears off.

    I hope you that you will all give this a try.

    1. says: Kathy Erb

      Are you sure you dont have IBS? Irritable syndrome as well. Us with Fibro often have that as well as Restless Leg Syndrome and a bunch of other illnesses. I have all the above, sensitive to perfume, etc, B12, hypothyroidism, common too, . Having a colonoscopy confirmed the IBS, sleep study for RLS.
      Kathy xo

  9. says: Erica S.

    This is the FIRST time that I have EVER commented on a group site. But I just wanted to say that it id bitter sweet to read that I am not alone in this life changing condition and ALL of the comments that I have read I totally share with you all. However, one thing that gives me comfort is knowing that this condition/disease is NOT terminal and will not take me out! I try to approach it like another unwanted, traumatic experience that I have to find the means to cope with. And by NO means IS IT EASY. Especially with an active child and new marriage. But if I listen to my body and enforce on others to accept that I’m only going to do what I CAN do WHEN I can, then my struggle becomes just a little bit better everyday. And those who don’t accept it, I remove from my circle. Much prayer and love to you ladies in my “SISTER CIRCLE “! God bless.

    1. says: Terri

      Same to you Erica… I mever have joined a post like this either i’m Sure God led me here. Thank you all. Bittersweet it IS!

  10. says: Constance

    I have fibromyalgia and polimyalgia. My Dr prescribes steroids which I am finding difficult to reduce.
    The pain is so bad at the moment I am taking codeine& paracetamol too.
    Can you suggest mineral salts which may help?

    1. says: Gretchen

      Constance, I have had Fibro since I was a kid. They called it Growing Pains then. It flared up again with a vengeance when my husband returned from the 1st Gulf War in 1991. I just turned 50. This is my 29th year with Fibro and have been disabled since 2004. I have been on every drug you can name Legal that is. Pain Mgmt Drs, gave me strong opioids and other drugs that put me into a coma for 7 days. I said no more. Came off all of the paid meds on my own, saw a shrink who understood Fibro and its symptoms and now I can cope much better. I still can’t work, but it is nice to function without narcotics. Hope this helps.

  11. says: Marysue

    Thanks to all for this dialogue. God led me here tonight. Feeling lonely and on withdrawal from eliminating Tramadol from my prescription regimen. I will be holding all of you up in my prayers tonight. God Bless!

  12. says: Sandy Pfeiffer

    I’ve had fibromyalgia since1980, does anyone else have severe cramping in the stomach muscles like Charlie horses from under the diaphragm all the way down to reproductive organs. It can happen anywhere at anytime especially bending over or even laughing really hard. I’ve had it for three years and no doctor can explain why! It’s like costocondritis in the chest!

  13. says: Terri G

    I have had extreme FM and CFS for over 40 years now. Started when I was 21. I have a few suggestions that have helped me some, not totally, but I have been doing better. Get a sleep study, you may need a c-pap, get tested for food senitivities/allergies, you could have leaky gut syndrome, reduce your stress as much as possible, stress always aggravates my pain levels, good sleep habits are paramount, use warm moist heating pad, some can tolerate cold, I can’t, there are supplements that can be used, magnesium malate, is a good thing, magnesium helps relax muscles, add a good muscle relaxant if that is not enough, take antibiotics occasionally for Candida growth in your body, I have found that SAM-E is a better antidepressant and has far less side effects than most(so many antidepressants cause weight gain, SAM-E does not), use sublingual melatonin for sleep, and 5-Htp , a precursor to melatonin., a few hours before bed, good sleep is critical, water exercise in a warm pool is great exercise, slowly build up, do not over do it, Fatigued to Fantastic sleep formula helps a little, get plenty of sleep if possible, it’s a viscious cycle to break if you do not get adequate sleep. I have a lot more in my tool drawer, but start with these recommendations. Good luck, fibro hugs to all.

  14. says: Bonnie Boyd

    I have received so much comfort reading your comments! I suffer also with the thigh pain and other similar pain and stomach disorders. I find not overdoing it physically really helps. Also being smart about what I eat but as of late been eating too much sugar which I know is a nono. Hang in there everyone and with support from people like you we will all make it through! God bless you all!

  15. says: Leslie Talbot

    I’m 58 now and have been off work since March 2017..I won’t list all my symptoms, side effects, and complications, as I can pretty much repeat what all of you have said, and I truly feel for you all..I’m so stressed and depressed as a result of this terrible affliction..and now my marriage is over..I’m not ready to retire yet, but I know I cannot go back to my job..my next step is I’m going for a hormone, adrenal and thyroid investigation at a teaching hospital..wish me luck!!! God bless..

    1. says: Kathy Erb

      Good luck leslie, hope your investigation turned up decent results for you. As i’ve mentioned before we often suffer from IBS, hypothyroidism, B12 deficiency needing monthly injections.its also important to know everythi g about Fibro, when talking to your doctor, . I once took part in an canadian University of ottawa study across Canadian of doctors, psychologists , ppsychiatrist nurses,personal support workers, social workers, physicians, and I 2as the only patient which I was surprised at. It was an exhausting day but worthwhile.

  16. says: Leslie Talbot

    PS..I was diagnosed in 2006..its not supposed to be progressive!!! CBD oil has proven effective in research but it did nothing for me..went off all my meds..5 different prescriptions..severe withdrawal; I don’t recommend it..best option for me currently is hashish..no, I don’t get high..couple of puffs as needed has really helped for stress relief and muscle relaxer..God bless

  17. says: Leslie Talbot

    Terri, Dora, Erica S..everyone here…I can so relate to everything you said..thank goodness we have each other
    Where is everyone from? I’m from Bracebridge Ontario Canada

    1. says: Kathy Erb

      Hi leslie, i’m from Ottawa, Ont. Ive had FM since 1988, hypothyroidism about 1988, B12 deficiency, Irritable syndrome, and so much more including mental health issues.

    2. says: Dee

      I have had Fibro for approx. 10 years. Just recently and finally diagnosed. The pain is horrible and the fatigue is the worst. Raising my grandaughter is about all i can manage. I am a nurse, all i ever wanted to be, now I just feel Im done. Cant go to restraunts, IBS, dont want to leave home any more, forget where Im at in my own town, fibro fog. Even worse, the feeling that no one believes how bad it is. Depression,anxiety. Most days I feel like my ankles, legs bones are going to break if I walk. How to live when you’ve always supported yourself and are single. No job, no money, no SSD What to do

  18. says: Maria lainez

    Hi everyone, understand your pain. I having been diagnosed with Fibromyalgia after long term treatments for RA. I truly believe that the government or the scientific world has something to do with it. This is a nerve related disease so I believe thirty or More years ago something was put in our intake that has affected our neurological system. Just like the preservative in the 6os and the pesticide. As we all know, they will never tell. The saddest thing is, not everyone believes our pain. We have to do in as much our daily body can do. I am very fortunate to have a husband and family that understands and looks out for me. Get a good support system.

  19. says: Irene

    I’m here in England I have suffered pain alover for many years brought up a family but must say had great support team although my husband always worked I had a very hands on mother..the doctors eliminated all other diseases sent me to Rumatology where I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia..I have had allergy testing which I strongly advise as I started to notice the day after i’d eaten certain foods it would all be worse so I got myself a book and started to write down everything I ate I started to see a pattern it showed me that anything citrus fruit sugary cakes would trigger the pain they also told me to look to foods that I craved or REALLY liked and they would be a culprot..so on we go I refused any meds as I did’nt want the damage they cause so still struggling on I found the best thing was to pace myself and go with what my body was telling me I found I had more good days doing this also having cutoff points where I would rest in the afternoons..STRESS is a definite key to Fibro it can put you on your back..is there anyone out there who suffers with nausea constipation in fact the whole digestive system thing I really struggle with this..I feel s o guilty about the way I am and this causes depression from time to time and the frustration of not being able to have holidays and be normal I know I have this for life and know everyday is a struggle..has anyone tried meditation I find that comforting Fibro can make life very lonely and that can make the whole thing worse..I do hope you guys can understand what i’m saying love and blessings to you all

  20. says: Donna Simonian

    The severe muscle cramps that everyone is speaking of,I’ve had for years.. my neurologist put me on 500mg magnesium citrate daily. The cramps are gone.

  21. says: Kathy Erb

    Constipation or diarrhea can be irritable syndrome, aan colonoscopy can pick it up as mine confirmed it. I find any sugar, sweets trigger it big time, but right now even with P&J sandwich its triggered.
    I have it constantly, but my pain, atress, depression is bad too.

  22. says: Lise Mailhot

    I’m doing fybromyalgia for more than 10 years. I’m taking antidepress pills, lyrica and clonazepan. It’s help a little bit, but I realize that my legs are loosing strongnest. I’m doing aquaform exercices which help. But I’m so afraid that one day l will be in wheeling chair.
    Try to be positive but it’s hard as I have problem with concentration, loosing strongnest etc.

  23. says: Jabeth Wheeler

    I have had migraines and fibromyalgia since I was a child. My migraines started when I was younger than 3. They were my first memories! My fibromyalgia was referred to as “growing pains”. And if that wasn’t bad enough, my diabetes was diagnosed at age 31. I’ve been in constant pain for all my life, along with every other side effect of all these diseases. I’ve noticed lately that this site has been recommending things like lavender, coffee, peppermint, essential oils, etc to help fibromyalgia. But these same things are my biggest and worse migraine triggers! Then what do I do?? I am now 69 and have never known a time when I didn’t have excruciating pain everyday of my life! In fact, I was a teacher (art, home ec and a shop teacher) for years before opening my own interior design business complete with a 4400 sq ft store which I ran by myself. Can’t be working with people because of theit coffee, mint gum, breathmints, mint toothpaste mouthwash, etc, etc!! And 10 months ago I got shingles and they haven’t completely gone away!! On top of everything, a few years ago all my neurological diseases caused central sensitization in my brain and now my brain is sending all my pain issues to my skin and the burning is so painful it feels like someone has doused me in gasoline and lit me to burn alive! Its called ALLODYNIA! I am at my wits end! I have been on disability since 2003, but it was granted because of the migraines! In today’s world, NO ONE wants to be without their coffee. I can’t even find a grocery store without a Starbucks inside the front door! Can’t go to the movie, a restaurant, to any Target store, any mall, inside any gas station or convenious store, most doctor and dentist offices, any bookstore, hospital lobby, car dealership, church, airplane or bus, travel tours, places of possible employment, other people’s homes or cars, entrances to big department store entrances (perfume), or anywhere public! With allodynia, everything that touches you burns! Your clothes, sheets, air from fans and vents, anything that bumps you, even shower droplets and other water!! I am hopeless!

  24. says: Tammy Wilson

    How do you get your Drs to understand the pain your in. She has ruled out Lupus. Some days just my clothes touching my skin can be excruciating pain. I hurt all over and I have taken so much ibuprofen that I’m afraid my kidneys are going to be affected. But that’s the only thing that helps for a little while. I’m miserable and no one wants to listen.

  25. says: Renee

    I have a question for those of you who have gotten their disability. Was it for fibro or for something that went along with it? I’m single 54 year old who is struggling every day to do the most simple things. I am in constant pain. I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia about 8 years ago and I’m wondering how to go about getting help with disability. Today because of the heat my legs and ankles are so swollen and hurt so bad I can’t hardly walk.

  26. says: Demonica

    Hmm, I pay no attention to what the medics or researchers say. They don’t live with it. Tried all the suggested ways and they don’t work. All I can do is rest and find the balance to deal with it. I find it hard to sit, walk, sleep and live a normal life, not forgetting the additional side kick symptoms, like vertigo and waking up like you have had a good night out. Its an awful condition and it should be more recognised.
    The only medication I have found that helps is morphine.

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