Fibromyalgia Linked to Gut Bacteria for First Time


New research has developed linking fibromyalgia and bacteria found in the gut. The latest study shows that there are changes to the bacteria level in the patients. This could be the breakthrough for people suffering from the disease, and their doctors have been waiting for; with future testing, it could provide information on the cause, diagnosing, and even prevention. The connection currently is not precisely clear to what the meaning is, but the future is hopeful from the newfound discovery.
1. Fibromyalgia Recap

It is a disease that affects the entire body, although it is a known pain from the musculoskeletal; it can also increase issues in memory, fatigue, mood, and drowsiness. Although there has not been a known cause, the popular belief is that individuals who suffer from the disease have pains sensations that amplify when pain happens; patients describe it as being an achy dull pain. Currently, many individuals suffer for years before a diagnosis even up to 5 years; future research is hoping this can change the present process. With the medical technology of today, there is still no test for the disease to confirm it yet. For a doctor to diagnose, it is usually determined by a specialized doctor known a rheumatologist in which the doctor must make the diagnosis simply based on their symptoms.

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