Hyperalgesia in Fibromyalgia


What Causes Hyperalgesia in Fibromyalgia

Hyperalgesia is a condition that remains mostly a mystery to doctors. Nonetheless, they know that it is a real physiological issue and not a psychological problem.

Doctors believe that the condition is caused when receptors in your nerves become more sensitive. These receptors are part of the pain pathways in your nervous system. When the receptors have difficulty communicating, you may experience increased sensitivity to pain.

These receptors which are responsible for managing pain may become more sensitive due to other conditions that impact the way you experience pain. For example, if you suffer from fibromyalgia, you are more likely to develop hyperalgesia. It may be the result of continual interference with the pain receptors.

People who take opioids and other pain medications may also develop hyperalgesia due to the impact of the medications on the natural processes of the receptors. The receptors may become damaged over time.


fibromyalgia hyperalgesia

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