Electroconvulsive Therapy for Fibromyalgia

Is Electroconvulsive Therapy Safe?

During the old days, electroconvulsive therapy were administered with much less safety protocols. During the therapy, the patient will be strapped down and shocked with electric voltage. The procedure often resulted with broken bones as well as other serious injuries due to the convulsions.

However, these days, the procedure is done in a different way. The patient will first be sedated which prevents them from thrashing around uncontrollably. Moreover, the sedation also means that the patient will have no memory of being shocked. The electricity dose will also be administered carefully to ensure that it is safe.

Is Electroconvulsive Therapy Effective for Fibromyalgia?

A lot of studies that were done to investigate the effectiveness of electroconvulsive therapy concluded that such treatment is actually effective on drug resistant depression. It has also been proven to be more effective than medication when it comes to treating depression not only in the short term, but also in the long run.

Usually, doctors will recommend electroconvulsive therapy in situations where the life of a patient is threatened by their depression. For example, when the patient refuses to drink or eat or has suicidal thoughts. In these cases, the ability of the therapy to offer immediate relieve of the symptoms of fibromyalgia depression may be invaluable.

If you or a loved one suffers from both fibromyalgia and depression, consider the use of electroconvulsive therapy for fibromyalgia depression to provide symptoms relief.

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  1. says: Vacelia Shulamis Goodman

    I think that this is dreadful and concerning. We have enough discrimination and ABUSE shown to us that we have to now fear the barbaric ECT being forced on us.

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