Adjustment Disorder In Fibromyalgia

As such, those who have adjustment disorder will end up suffering from persistent depression, anxiety and other physical issues such as irregular heartbeat, and even unexplained weight gain. Patients with adjustment disorder show signs like:

  • often crying for long durations
  • always in bed and not able to get out of bed
  • lashing out at others
  • showing compulsive behavior
  • suicidal thoughts

How To Treat Adjustment Disorder?

The treatment focus on helping the patient learn how to deal with their situation. Most patients will have to undergo Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT). During the talk therapy, a psychiatrist will help the patient identify negative emotions and thoughts and look for ways on how they can possibly deal with these things. The process involves going through the things that can lead to negative thoughts and feelings and learning how to transform negative feelings into positive ones.

Other types of therapy such as relaxation and meditation exercises can also help patients cope with anxiety that comes with the disorder. In fact, doctors will highly recommend group therapy, where the patient joins a support group discussion that consists of other people who are also suffering from the same condition.


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  1. says: Pat

    I worked with a few people that could understand my issues with this disease. One of the women told me that she hurt too and I should just get over the pain I was in. She just did not understand what it was like to go to work every day I had a very physical job and be in so much pain and stress and anxiety . And all actuality she made it very hard for me to come the work and do my job because of the way she treated me not believing that there was something wrong with me the worst part about this is she was supposed to be a good friend went turns out she was not . She could not understand that I need to be on pain medicine to get through my day to work eight hours and stand on my feet all that time. She work five or six hours and she was not doing a physical job . She Told other people in our work place that I was addicted to drugs painkillers and I really Did not need them . Well I am longer working there because of her I had to leave my job she turned almost everyone against me and made me think that I was worthless. Well I know that I’m not worthless and I know the pain I am in physical any motional Is real . All I can say is I hope this never happens to her or maybe I hope something worse happens to her she understands what I went through. Please do not judge people try to understand what they’re going through please don’t put them down and make fun of them and turn people against them. If you can’t be decent to a person that suffering then walk away from them don’t abuse them is all I ask. One day you may have to deal with what I went through and some other people are going through with this disease So please be a little more understanding than my so called friend. Rise above all these people that don’t understand and take care of yourself be true to yourself .

  2. says: Lynn Wilcock

    Sorry to hear, Pat , that you had to give up your job because of a so called friend’s lack of understanding of Fibromyalgia. I am constantly being told by people that I “look well”when the reality is I never “feel well”.
    I am in constant pain, exhausted and stressed but because I try to put on a brave face, laugh instead of cry and get on with life the best I can they all think I am fine. I wish some people could spend a few days walking in our shoes then they could maybe understand.
    Telling people you were addicted to the medication you obviously need was awful.
    I hope you can find a less demanding job with nicer colleagues .
    Take care x

    1. says: Helen Buick

      It’s nobody elses business how you feel. Just tell them to fuck off. I was in pain and that’s exactly what I told them. They are not you. Nobody in this world has the right to run you down. Stand up for yourself, build your self esteem up and you won’t have problems with co-workers, been there done it and believe me it works.

      1. says: Rosalind

        I have chronic pain so severe I read the message you wrote I go through that everyday. My family friends are mean and not understanding I’ve been called a faker
        I have a brain tumor too among other health issues numbness tingling even pee myself or the other hard walk talk right or think I’m just responding because I hear you. I’ve been through Alot I worked most my life worked in a casino 20yrs wearing high heels I have severe pain from physical work raising family same time my kids are grown now I had to leave my home in Boston to come to Florida I was getting worse. My daughter taking me to my Apts it’s hard she has 3 children husband works my pain has put our relationship on bad grounds My other children don’t understand no one does I have distanced myself hardly hold phone I’m tired. Not lazy
        Worse than chronic pain. Had injuries bad primary care I been bking out. Can’t think the light hurts hard talk feels like turrets I can’t finf the words. There’s so much happing I can’t get pain meds. I don’t do drugs never did been on pain killers past
        I have sensitive to Alot meds mostly because some infections I had was left alone. My face twitches I was pulled off my pain meds by a new doctor I had suddenly thinking I was I don’t know selling them I never did that I had a panic attack and what followed I had seizures was then put on a drug seratonin syndrome convulsions
        Seizes. It happened over n over. Different doctors seratonin syndrome what is it what they did to me. I fear doctors been yelled at
        I think I had a stroke left side face all drooped. Some shrinks did it to me too same thing. I’m tired of the health system put my family and me through hell.
        Yet I’m not understood. Hard see pain ears can’t take loud noises. I pray to God they will stop telling me opiod problems I can get addicted. I have said I don’t care what it is Tylenol perkaset no difference I’m numb
        Put me on other drugs side effects had won’t believe me. I’m not the only one like you. Treated like a drug addict I’m angry
        I’m terrified of meds I’m so numb hard walk
        They should of weaned me off. Caused me Alot health problems. I had shingles I said I could not take neuron tin or Lyrica terrible allergy. I’m discussed. When I sleep my throat closes oh not to mentions the multitude of infections hospital never told me strep throat turned into phenomia I have lost such feeling all I know I could not breath bad primary. I may be writing but am confused get lost dizzy vision no good
        No support family friends have distanced myself I had much trauma how I was laughed at by some doctors. Fainted.
        Not fair. I been ill to long. Now I fear doctors gave me Lyrica in hospital I said no
        Was so confused. Could not breath throat
        I cant feel but I do.
        I guess I’m just angry pain so long the distress. How some ppl treated me. Still
        Now I have infection brain. Head kills eyes hurt so much see floaters.
        So tired. Pain what I been through. There’s more to it. Some doctors have pushed me away due to side effects. I don’t lie they laugh I have panic attack. I don’t think it’s funny I talk slurring laughed at when was Hospital. My hands beyond burning past stage. I don’t talk how u write only times I can nite I wake up don’t know where I am
        I pray these new doctors help me I had enough old ones I can’t fight this battle alone only God knows what I been through going through

  3. says: Leeza

    Dear Pat & Lynn,
    I’m so sorry Pat for people not understanding how it is to work a physical job all day. I understand completely how you are feeling. I also work a physical job as a bus driver. My fibromyalgia started back in 2015, didn’t know what was going on. But today I do. Some days are good and some days are off the charts. I hope that if you get a new job that people understand what you are going through. I have some people that understand that are friends but what really my family doesn’t understand. So it’s hard for me to explain to them but my husband and kids help me a lot. God bless you and hope you get some relief soon. If you need to talk here’s my email: mccorm03@ Relax and smile . We are special just like everyone else!!!

  4. says: Sharon King

    I totally understand the feeling of having people not believe you’re in pain. One of the most irritating things for me is when people say, oh you’ll be fine tomorrow. Or I know how you feel, I have (insert some other condition here). No, you don’t know how I feel any more than I know how you feel.

  5. says: Jan

    The friends who ask what’s wrong now, when you say your feeling rough. As if it going to disappear. One reason I withdraw is feeling you have to explain your self. I think after 5 years she would understand a bit more about it. I hate being incapacitated, this wasn’t what I had in mind for my life, i/ we don’t choose to be ill!

  6. says: Lyn LaVigne

    If I am correct that Fibromyalgia is a recognized disability, then discrimination on any public job is illegal. Any remarks regarding be “addicted to drugs” by another employee or management should be considered discriminatory and a reason for lodging a complaint with the company’s Department of Human Resources. Quitting a job because of complaining colleagues should never have to be an option because of illness.

  7. says: Angela Hudson

    Ive thought of having my favorite phrase printed on cards to hand out to those comment on my health.

    I don’t remember loaning you my shoes,
    when did you walk a mile in them?

  8. says: Patti Ludlow

    I worked 30 years in a behavior unit for mentally handicapped adults. Talk about pain. I went to dr after dr before I was finally diagnosed. I am on Cymbalta, Vit. D, B12, calcium, and Vit. C. I also take kyani (which is amazing) and solution 4 protein powder. I got off all carbs, red meat and I stay away from all emotional stress. I get a full 8 hours of sleep every night. I still hurt but not as bad as I was. And as long as I follow this I am good but if I dont bam it’s back bad.

  9. says: Sonja

    Pat, I’m so sorry she did this to you. When I was fist diagnosed before I started having Marjorie issues that I have now, my job was extremely physical and somehow my job found out right after I did and they fired me! Then my “friend ” of over 25 turned against me this past year telling me I’m an addict and I’m useless and worthless even though before that I was her right hand. I have a lot more wrong than fibromyalgia now and knowing me this long and I told her just once I couldn’t help with one thing then she said I’m a druggie (even though I take only what is rx by my many drs, )she thinks she knows better but she knows nothing at all about me or the pain we suffer thru. People need to back off of others that don’t “look sick”. Now I really look sick and my drs are shaking their heads now. My drs notice from month to month that I look worse and that doesn’t make me feel any better.
    Karma will get this person for you as it did for me! She has hep c now! Wouldn’t whish anything on anyone, but hey she doesn’t “look sick”!
    Good luck!

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