8 Types Of Fibromyalgia Pain

fibromyalgia pain types

Fibromyalgia remains one of the toughest medical condition to be diagnosed. This is because it exhibits different permutation of pain and symptoms in different individuals. Its symptoms aside, experts explain 8 types of fibromyalgia pain. But the most important thing is Do You Know What Pain Are You Experiencing? You are bound to have at least 3 of them….
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  • Fibromyalgia is awful the pain is unbearable I get it all over my body it’s changed my life completely I can’t work some times I’m just lade in bed with so much pain I don’t sleep properly I feel shattered all the time and I have gained weight everybody’s different with it x

  • I’m so out of sort with this Fibermarmalga! I Have had long time living with this got so many Braces got my job from being full time no reason form Doctors just try keeping my job then company to sold and made action on lots of use we was told to move around to different store and I got moved then had only 8 hours a week then I made a stinck about needing to stay full time and got more hours the next week’s then had hours working all over the store then all different hours and I had worked for this store for about thirteen years but got my hours cut again and $3.00 hour cut off my hourly wages and cut my Insurance off. So I got temporary jobs and still work all different hours and I just got so I went to start to see about going back to school and got derected to take a test that dedosed me having Asbergers disorder. Then Got a Job for 6 years as a custondame then was full time and sometime I was dedosed with Fibermarmalga then got my hours cut over time and they took jobs away from me for no reasons. Then Bye this time my Husband got different job and driving 11 miles to work and 11 miles going home and it was cost are hard ship that He made it possible for me to stop working. Then with Doctors and all going on with my Health. I have been off work for a year and have got on disability but I still have no energy and no way to do my home things because of pain and Doctors Appointment just wear me down I do good to take a bath with out taking a break before I get my strength back to do anything else. It take a lot out of me to get my daily things done. Don’t want to drive much have trouble with my hands and falling asleep as I’m at stop signs. Takes a lot out to write this.

  • I also take Lyrica 3 times a day and still have a lot of pain. Going to start have lidocaine infusions which my 2 pain specialist recommended and my family physician. They say these infusions really help to treat the pain in fibromyalgia patients!

  • I have had Fibromyalgia for at least 25 years or more. I get hot spots on my back. Feel like bugs crawling in my skin. Headaches everyday. However I drive a lot so pain meds are a no go. I use bio freeze but that’s temporary. I want a cure. Fix this debilitating disease, please. Thank you for your support in listening to me.

  • I don’t know what’s wrong with me and I think this could be it. I don’t have insurance or a way to get to a doctor. Any advice?

  • I suffer from fibromyalgia too. However Cbd oil has helped me out tremendously. I also take capsules, gummies as well as the oil. This has changed my life for the better!

  • I have serious pain issues all over. It ranges from touch sensitivity to burning and itching. It’s so frustrating living in pain and with extremely limited relief options due to the vast array of allergy related issues I have to deal with.

  • The pain that we deal with daily nobody understands and the doctors take away our pain medications that help us and try to justify that we don’t need them because people who abuse them

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