Your breathing improves when you're outdoors

The air is full of harmful pollutants especially in an enclosed indoor environment where the air is constantly recirculated and more concentrated. Even what we foresee as a safe place like our own home can be filled with toxic vapors. Spending time outdoors in a natural environment provides you with fresh air and reduce exposure to harmful pollutants known to cause sleep problems, headaches and other respiratory problems.

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Green spaces increase your focus

People with fibromyalgia also struggle with cognitive problems such as poor memory, lack of concentration, confusion which can affect work competency or even impede the ability to converse. Spending time outdoors, especially in green spaces are found to have a positive impact on your mental state and focus. According to a british study, taking a walk in green spaces provides a therapeutic effect on our brain. The study showed that being in green spaces or even simply looking into green spaces reduces mental fatigue, increases mental focus and stress recovery. Spending time outdoors also provides your brain with a break from exposure to harmful blue light from smartphones, laptops and other electronics.

It's an opportunity for some light exercise

Exercise is essential for maintaining good health. Despite the debilitating condition, doctors and experts highly recommend fibromyalgia patients to cultivate an exercise routine to improve their condition and overall health. Even light exercise like brisk walking, tai chi or light yoga can help you get relief from fatigue and muscle pain.

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