The connection between IBS and fibromyalgia

4. Both Irritable bowel syndrome and fibromyalgia share a mechanism which is related to the increased sensitivity of the brain cells. This hypersensitivity can be due to stimuli such as light, touch and temperature changes.

5. The brain has one part that suppresses pain and another that felicitates it. The part that suppresses the pain is believed not to be functioning properly in the patients of both irritable bowel syndrome and fibromyalgia. This may lead to hypersensitivity towards pain.

6. Despite the fact that both these conditions may appear in any age group irrespective of the gender, they are most commonly seen in a female who is young or middle aged. It is also seen that these patients have a mind gut connection. Symptoms of anxiety are seen to often manifest as pain in the abdomen and the chest.

7. The common symptom that is seen in both the condition is pain. The patients of irritable bowel syndrome suffer from pelvic pain and pain while digestion. In fibromyalgia the pain may occur in the limbs, neck and all over the body.

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