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What are symptoms of calcium deficiency?

  • Muscle cramp is one of the initial signs of deficiency of calcium in the body.

  • Muscle pain, especially in your arms, thighs and under arms while walking or moving is yet another sign of calcium deficiency.

  • Calcium is an essential constituent for teeth and tooth decay is one symptom of deficiency of calcium.

  • Calcium is said to be one of the main components present in your nails. When you suffer from brittle and weak nails, you are most probably having calcium deficiency.

  • Delayed menstruation, especially in young girls, is yet another important sign.

  • Premenstrual cramps also occur to women who have a deficiency of calcium content in their body.

The Relationship Between Calcium Deficiency and Fibromyalgia in Women

A large percentage of fibromyalgia patients constitutes of women in the middle age group. Similarly, calcium deficiency largely occurs to middle age women. It is a common advice for women to up their calcium intake via pills and supplements after their 30’s in order to avoid osteoarthritis, muscle cramps and other bone health related problems that results in difficulties in moving and activities involving the arms, legs and so on. Nevertheless, whether calcium deficiency leads to fibromyalgia remains a question mark. Several studies have, however, found a link between calcium deficiency and fibromyalgia.

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