Zanzhu and Yuyao Acupoint

The zanzhu acupoint in located at the start of both eyebrows while the yuyao acupoint is located at in the middle of both eyebrow. This massage movement involves the two acupoints.

  1. Start by doing a thumbs down gesture with both hands. While maintaining the gesture, bring your thumbs up to the zanzhu acupoints. Make sure one thumb is on each zanzhu acupoint.

  2. Move your thumbs along your eyebrows, passing through the yuyao acupoints and ending at the end of your brows. This movement helps to soothe tension and sore spots on your eyes and foreheads

  3. Repeat the action for 50-100 counts.

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Jianjing Acupoint

The jianjing acupoint is located on your shoulders. Find the point in the middle, in between the start of your neck and the end of your shoulders.

  1. Locate your left jianjng point and place your right thumb on it.

  2. Massage the point by moving your thumb in small circular movements. Do this for 50-100 counts. This spot can be painful to some people especially when you apply too much pressure. Experiment with a few different pressure and stick to the pressure which provide the most therapeutic effect for you.

  3. Repeat the process on the jianjing point on your right shoulders with your left thumb.

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