Baihui Acupoint

With the image above as a guide, locate the Baihui acupoint. It is the interception point between an imaginary line joining your ears and a line from the middle of your nose to the back of your head.

  1. After locating baihui, use three fingers to gently tap the point.

  2. Repeat for 50 to 100 counts.

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Yintang Acupoint

The yintang point is located in the middle of your eyebrows.

  1. Place your index and middle finger of one hand on yintang point and move them vertically upwards, following the contours of your forehead

  2. As your fingers reaches the top of your forehead, use the same two fingers of your other hand to repeat the action.

  3. The fingers of each hand should be taking turns to move from the yintang point to the forehead smoothly and swiftly. If you do this correcting you will feel a slight upwards pull on the skin of your nose which can feel a little ticklish for some.

  4. Repeat the movement for 50-100 counts.

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