Brain Mapping for Fibromyalgia

Brain mapping is a specialized clinical tool used to detect the areas of unnatural electrical activity in the brain. This advanced technology, known as Quantitative Electroencephalogram (qEEG), displays a color coded map of electrical brainwaves applicable in the different brain areas.

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The technique helps in determining the unnatural activities in the brain which could be the cause of unexplainable symptoms such as pain or emotions in disorders like fibromyalgia or bipolar etc. Appropriate treatment for pain, fatigue or other ailments can be subsequently determined with an understanding of the abnormalities in the brain in patients.

What are brain waves?

Brain waves are the electrical actions that your brain is known to produce while you are awake or involved in certain activities or asleep. The four different types of brainwaves include:

  • Delta
    This is the slowest type that is usually found when you are deep in sleep.

  • Theta
    They are faster than the delta brainwaves and your brain experiences it when you are sleepy and dream.

  • Alpha
    They are found when you are alert but relaxed.

  • Beta
    This is the fastest brainwave and is usually found when you are fully focused and carrying out different activities of life.

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