Fibromyalgia Pain Relief Tip #13: Warm Water Aerobics Therapy

Exercise is crucial in improving fibromyalgaia. Of all types of exercise, warm water aerobics is considered to be the most effective for fibromyalgia patients. Warm water aerobics therapy helps to stretch and strengthen your muscles, improve flexibility and balance and reduce body stiffness and pain. It can also help to improve mood and relieve stress. Doctors and physiotherapists alike highly recommend warm water aerobics as a form of therapy to complement fibromyalgia medications. There are two factors that make warm water aerobics ideal for fibromyalgia patients:

  1. Water: Water assist fibromyalgia patients in movement. Its bouyancy helps to support the weight of the patient allowing patients to move with more ease. At the same time, water resistance helps in stretching and strengthening the muscles and joints which crucial in relieving body pain.

  2. Warmth: As in sauna or hot springs, warmth has a therapeutic effect on your body. Warm water helps soothe pain and aches hence allowing them to exercise with more ease. Warm water also induces relaxation and help in lifting mood.

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