As mentioned, water aerobics is a form of low impact exercise due to the presence of water buoyancy. With the added element of warmth, warm water aerobics doubles as a therapy instead of just an exercise. Warm water aerobics is thought to relieve fibromyalgia symptoms such as reducing muscle pain, provide undisturbed sleep, improve mood and overall physical functions. In fact, research points to the fact that it may be more effective for fibromyalgia patients than walking.

Why water aerobics? One doesn't need to know how to swim to do water aerobics. Patients can work out at the shallow end of the pool with one's head above the water, and still benefit from the exercise. Water aerobics is considered the most painless exercise as it does not exert stress on the muscles and joints when one moves around in water.

Why use warm water? Warm water is preferred for fibromyalgia treatment as cold water tenses the muscles rather than relaxes them. In addition, most fibromyalgia patients cannot bear cold tempertatures. Pools that are set to 89.6˚F or 32˚C would be ideal.

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