Breathing Difficulties in Fibromyalgia

Having shortness of breath or difficulty in breathing is a common symptom among fibromyalgia patients. According to a 2001 study published in the Journal of Muscoskeletal Pain, 50% of the fibromyalgia participants complaint of Dyspnea, a condition where one suffers from shortness of breath.

Here are 4 possible reasons why fibromyalgia patients experience breathing difficulties:

1. Chest pain or Costochondritis

In the same study mentioned above, researchers did not observe any significant difference in volume of inhaled air between the 35 female fibromyalgia patients and the 20 healthy controls who participated in the study. The observation was consistent in conditions where participants were working out and at rest. Experts believe that the feeling of breathing difficulty, despite the normal in flow of oxygen, might be associated with chest wall pain or a condition known as Costochondritis. This is because shallow breaths are signs of pain or discomfort in the rib cage or chest. However, further studies are needed to prove and support this theory.

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