Does Medicare Cover Fibromyalgia? Changes 2020 and making the most of Medicare

by Roger Peter Oct 14, 2019

Medicare is available to all Americans aged 65 and above. Some parts are free and others are not, but you should be enrolling to it as long as you do not have health insurance. But does Medicare cover fibromyalgia?

Medicare Coverage for Fibromyalgia

In short, there are 4 parts to Medicare:

Part A - Covers hospital care and nursing facilities. ​
Part B - Covers doctor appointments, outpatient care, and some at home healthcare. ​
Part C - Also known as Medicare Advantage. This is offered by private insurance companies, hence premiums are varied. It can act as a replacement for both Part A and B.
Part D - Covers prescription drugs only and is optional.

The answer is yes. Medicare can help cover for some costs for fibro. Medicare Part B will cover costs of doctor appointments and for hospitalization, Part A may help with the costs of your stay and for the medication you are getting. Part D will help with prescribed medications you take at home. 

How to make the most of Medicare if I have Fibromyalgia? 

After you are eligible, sign up for Medicare as soon as possible. If you have Medicare already, continue below.

If you don’t take action after your 65th birthday, you might miss out on Medicare entirely. You have 6 months to enroll in Medicare; three months before you turn 65 and three months after.

IMPORTANT: Medicare Changes for 2020

A quick summary: In 2020, Medicare Supplement Plan F and Plan C will no longer be available to those who became eligible on or after January 1, 2020. In addition, Medicare will be on its way to closing the Medicare Part D Donut Hole.

There will be no more first-dollar coverage plans available to those who are considered Medicare eligible after 2020. First-dollar coverage plans are Medicare Supplement Plans that leave you with zero out of pocket costs. The Medicare Part B premium will also be increasing.

Medicare Supplement Plans

Medicare Supplement Insurance is a form of private health insurance that helps cover certain Medicare out-of-pocket costs such as deductibles, copayments and coinsurance. Over 16 million Americans have a Medicare Supplement Insurance plan in 2018.

How does it work?

It works alongside Original Medicare to help pay for out-of-pocket costs, including copayments, coinsurance and deductibles.

If you’re currently enrolled in Original Medicare, you can apply for a Medicare Supplement Insurance plan at any time. It will save you the hassle and trouble of looking for the best plans tailored for yourself. Check Medicare Providers to get instant plan quotes for free with no obligation. 

Take Advantage of Open Enrollment - IT HAS STARTED AS OCT 15

This is applicable to all seniors with Medicare. Each year from October 15 to December 7, Medicare subscribers get one chance to make changes to their coverage. During this brief window, you’re able to add or drop Medicare Advantage, change your Part C plan, and enroll in or drop Parts A, B, and D.

Why does this matter? Well, Medicare changes every year. Whether there are small changes to Medicare coverage, price changes in monthly premiums, or new plans offered, it’s crucial that you know what’s happening year after year.

During open enrollment, you can do comparison shopping. You will save all your time and be able to get the best and cheapest quotes that suit you, all in 5 minutes. By doing this, you can save time, money and this will help you remain as healthy as can be too, long into your golden years.

Should you review your Medicare plan?

If you are one of the following, you should definitely review your plan:

- You are having trouble getting Medicare coverage

- You do not have Medicare

- You are confused about changes to you Medicare plan in 2019

- You feel that your current coverage in inadequate

- You are overpaying for your current plan

- You want to make changes to your Medicare plan in Open Enrollment - Open Enrollment has started, do not miss it!

- You want to save big on Medicare plans

To get the best out of Medicare and save on costs, online services are gaining massive popularity. One of the most trusted, secure and effective online service to compare Medicare plans is Medicare Providers. Comparing plans is completely free.