Increased mast cells and neurological reaction in the skin

A Swedish study found that fibromyalgia patients have significantly higher mast cells in their skin as compared to controls. Mast cells are components of the immune system and contains chemical such as histamines and cytokines. When released, these chemicals cause irritation to the skin tissues around it. This usually occurs during a neurological response.

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A misinterpretation of pain by the central nervous system

Sometimes the itch and rash could be due to misinterpretation of pain signals. Fibromyalgia has been linked to a faulty Central Nervous system which can seem to process pain accurately like normal people do. Receptors beneath the skin send sensory messages to the brain which are misread as itch.

How to treat fibromyalgia skin rash and itch

For the treatment of skin rash, itch or burning sensation, over-the-counter skin cream, lotions and moisturizers can help to soothe the skin. Doctors can also prescribe medicated skin creams and lotions for more severe rash.

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