Simple Ways to Help you Get up in The Morning

Almost everyone out there struggle with waking up and getting out their comfortable bed in the morning. Waking up in the mornings can be tougher and more challenging if you are a patient of fibromyalgia. Many patients with chronic pain conditions complain that waking up in the morning is the hardest thing to do each day.

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The symptoms of fibromyalgia is usually at its worst in the morning and it does not make getting up from bed any easier. The more severe symptoms include:

  • Severe muscle pains

  • Morning stiffness usually in the neck area and the arms

  • Puffiness around the eyes

  • Swollen feet

  • Hurting feet the moment you start walking

  • Exhaustion even after a good night’s sleep.

These morning symptoms can be reduce with a few simple routines. Here are the simple ways can help you get up from bed with less difficulty and pain. Click next to continue reading...

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