6 Things You Need to Tell Yourself to Cope with Fibromyalgia

Do you know if you’re coping well with fibromyalgia? Here are 6 things you need to tell yourself to help you cope with fibromyalgia.

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1. Do Not Let Pain Stress You Out

Stress is one of the speculated causes of fibromyalgia. Persistent stress can mess up the hormones regulating pain, sleep and mood. Moreover, the chronic illness does not make it any easier with the haunting symptoms of aches and fatigue putting more stress on the patient. The Anxiety and Depression Association of America estimates that 20% of fibromyalgia patients also suffer from anxiety and depression. Learning to cope with the stress and emotional problems of fibromyalgia is as important, if not more important, as coping with the physical pain. Studies have found that anxiety caused by the anticipation of pain is more detrimental than the pain itself. Learn to keep yourself relaxed and stress-free. Try adopting stress coping skills such as breathing exercises, laughter therapy, yoga, aromatherapy, and meditation.

2. It is Okay to Talk about Your Condition and Ask for Help

Get as much help and support as you can from your loved ones, family and friends. Communicate your condition, your feeling and your frustrations to them so that they know what you are going through and know how they can help you even if it is just lending you listening ear. Do not shy away from your family and friends because you think that they do not understand your condition. Bottling all your feelings and frustration is the first step into falling into depression. Do not feel ashamed to ask for help from your family members or a hired hand to run errands or do household chores whenever needed.

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