This medical term refers to an excess of pain associated with fibromyalgia. Hyperalgesia is the most common type of fibromyalgia pain where the pain response reaches the brain and increases in volume, thereby making the pain signals more severe than normal.

Treatment: Most drugs given for managing fibromyalgia pain is aimed at reducing hyperalgesia. This condition is associated with nerve damage or irritation and requires medication such as Gabapentin, SSRI or tricyclic antidepressants, NSAIDS, glucocorticoids, pregabalin, NMDA antagonists or atypical opioids like Tramadol.

Precaution: After using a particular opioid for three to six months, another may be used as preventive treatment. The addition of NMDA receptor antagonist such as methadone, dextromethorphan or ketamine with opioids can also prevent occurence of hyperalgesia.

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