Hypnotherapy For Fibromyalgia

But this does not necessarily mean that hypnotherapists control you in the same way that magicians would. A patient undergoing hypnosis cannot be brainwashed into doing something they would not want to do. Instead, hypnotherapists tend to focus on the subconscious way in which the brain controls a person’s body. This practice is very useful in treating addiction and anxiety, two conditions which are usually a result of bad experiences and negative thinking. Hypnotherapists help patients understand why they are suffering from these conditions. They also teach them the proper way of dealing these conditions.

Hypnotherapy For Fibromyalgia

Some studies have shown that hypnotherapy for fibromyalgia can help treat its painful symptoms. A study done by the National Institute of Health (NHI) involved 40 individuals who have fibromyalgia. Half of the participants received hypnotherapy treatment. The other half received standard form of physical therapy. The study found that patients who undergone hypnotherapy suffered less pain compared to those treated with physical therapy. Thus, the study concludes hypnotherapy for fibromyalgia is effective in treating pain.


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  • If you have fibro from an emotional disturbance or trauma, try Havening Technique, which is a type of hypnotherapy or at least a m8ndset alteration. It worked for me from the 1st session. The burning heat in my affected area was calmed almost within an hour of the process. Now, I’m not saying it’s a cure but it did make life more manageable for me and has worked for some cases of PTSD.

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