Fibromyalgia Pain Relief Tip #9: Start Exercising

Unlike what many pain patients think, exercise is crucial to improving the musculoskeletal condition. Many fibromyalgia patients refrain from exercise or outdoor activities due to the fear of adding stress on the muscles and causing more pain. However, the lack of activity and movement is in fact slowing the recovery from the disease.

Doctors and experts highly recommend exercise therapy as part of fibromyalgia treatment. Exercising and keeping active allow fibromyalgia patients to strengthen their muscles, keep their muscles flexible, reduce pressure on the joints and loosen the joints. These benefits in turn help the patient to relieve body stiffness and muscle pain in the long run. Exercise is also a good way to destress and prevent moodiness or depression. Light weight exercises like walking, aerobics, swimming, water aerobics are ideal for fibromyalgia.

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