Fibromyalgia Pain Relief Tip #21: Plant Rosemary in Your Room

We all know Rosemary as a common culinary herb used for roasting chicken. But simply using rosemary for its flavor, is a crying shame for the ancient medicinal herb.

The medicinal attributes of Rosemary was discovered as early as ancient Greece. During then, Greek scholars or students wore a wreath of Rosemary on their head as they found that Rosemary can help in cognitive functions such as improving memory and focus. Modern medical research investigating the effect of Rosemary on mental performance also produced results which agree with the ancient belief. Particularly, a british study conducted in 2013 found that participants who were exposed to the scent of the Rosemary fair better in a memory test and were better at remembering tasks as compared to those who were not exposed to Rosemary scent.

Well, we are certainly not asking you to wear a wreath of Rosemary on your head (as you know, they can get prickly at times but by all means if you want to). Keeping a pot of Rosemary in your bedroom or study may just do the trick. The scent of Rosemary may help you improve your memory or even clear your brain fog. Fill your garden or yard with this hardy evergreen shrub. It you are not into green, perhaps a Rosemary essential oil or indulging in Rosemary tea could do too.

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