Fibromyalgia can enter at any moment in your life. Knowing the symptoms and its triggers can significantly help to prevent its development and manage its effect.

Fibromyalgia shows symptoms such as muscles aches, fatigue and tender points. However, there are more to fibromyalgia than these usual symptoms which many are not aware of. Gaining more knowledge of the Fibromyalgia can help detect early signs and avoid the manifestation of the pain condition. Here are 5 things you didn't know about fibromayalgia.

1. A rare disease, yet the most prevalent chronic pain disorder

In America, fibromyalgia is one of the most common and familiar chronic pain disorders. Over 5 million people in America suffer from this disorder and 80% of it affects women. Fibromyalgia or fibro in short is a chronic pain that is not easily diagnosed. In some cases, it would even take years for patients to realize their condition and get a proper diagnosis from a specialist. The little advantage that you can have when diagnosed with fibro is that, treatments and medications are available to control its symptom and more advanced studies are ongoing for its prevention.

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