Relaxation Techniques For Fibromyalgia


Progressive Muscle Relaxation

Progressive muscle relaxation is a simple technique that can work on the major muscle group of the body. It also helps in decreasing the tension in ones muscles while strengthening them at the same time. This relaxation technique can be done while lying down or sitting in on your bed.

Start by tensing the muscles on your feet then hold it there while counting up to eight. Slowly release the contraction and then relax your muscles. Continue doing this method for all the major muscle groups in your body, up until your head. When you are done, your entire body will feel relaxed.


fibromyalgia relaxation techniques

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  1. says: Sandra Clifton

    Someone demonstrating Tens machined said I was the tense -ist person he had met. I sleep badly & only manage 2 hrs at a time before paying a visit to the bathroom. I rarely relax but am always tired. Reiiki and reflexology once gave me a night’s sleep but have not had one since. I ate at night a lot, but now have lost 3 stones and no longer have pastry, chocolate spread etc. I drop off during TV programmes though!

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