10 Effortless Ways to Boost Endorphins for Fibromyalgia

Practice Meditation

Meditation helps relax the mind and body. Studies have found that meditation helps release serotonin and dopamine. It also boosts endorphins. The combination may offer pain relief and reduce depression or anxiety.

Get More Sunshine

Research shows that exposure to UV radiation can release endorphins. Spending just a little more time outside each day can help improve your endorphin levels and keep you happy.

Listen to Music

One study found that listening to music causes your brain to release the same hormones that are released when you eat your favorite foods or have a glass of wine. By putting on music that you enjoy, you may get some pain relief.

Do What Makes You Happy

The bottom line is that almost anything that brings pleasure can help boost endorphins. Eating your favorite meal, spending time with friends, or enjoying your favorite activities may increase the release of these powerful hormones.


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