Whole Body Vibration Exercises For Fibromyalgia

vibration exercises for fibromyalgia

Whole body vibration exercise for fibromyalgia is one of the most effortless exercises. If you have fibromyalgia, this exercise can help to relieve muscle pain and tension, and even help with sleep problems and anxiety.

As you know, exercise does not come easy for those with fibromyalgia. In fact, many fibromyalgia patients find it a struggle to exercise due to pain and the lack of energy. The recently coined term in the field of exercise, “passive exercise”, provides fibro patients with the best of both worlds. These exercises include electronic ab simulators, chi machines, inversion boots, as well as whole body vibration exercise.

What Is Whole Body Vibration Exercise?

Also called the power plate exercise, whole body vibration exercises involve exercising on a power plate. The power plate vibrates at a rate of 30 vibrations in every second. The most basic form of this exercise is simply to stand and balance on the power plate while it is vibrating. That is all that is required for this exercise in its most basic form. In fact, some less able people would sit on the power plate.

Why Is It An Exercise?

You may be wondering how would simply standing on a plate be considered as a type of exercise. This is because the activity will deceive the body into a falling sensation which will activate the hormonal reflux of the body. This results in a rapid muscle contraction. Such muscle contraction can help to relieve muscle pain in fibromyalgia.

Furthermore, fibromyalgia muscle pain affects many parts of your body such as your neck, legs, arms and back. Hence, whole body vibration exercise which is applicable to your entire body, can target all the pain spots to help provide general pain relief.

Suitability for Those with Muscle Pain

The most common symptoms found in fibromyalgia are muscle pain and tension and fatigue. Unfortunately, these symptoms prevent fibromyalgia patients from exercising regularly. As whole body vibration exercise is non-vigorous, in fact fairly effortless, it is ideal for fibromyalgia patients and others who suffer from chronic illnesses. Keep in mind that exercise is essential to prevent the onset of other diseases, such as diabetes and high blood pressure.

Combine with Other Exercises to Gain Muscle Strength and Energy

If you are looking to find a suitable exercise with fibromyalgia but struggle to use the treadmill, start with whole body vibration exercise instead.

Start slowly by simply standing on the power plate. After you have gotten used to balancing on the power plate, gradually increase the intensity of whole body vibration exercise. You can do so by doing other exercises while on the power plate. Start off with easy movements like swinging the arms, stretching or easy yoga poses. When you are up to it, perform strength training exercises like lunges, squats and planks etc. This can help you to gain muscle strength and energy to improve muscle weakness and fatigue.


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