The Link Between Brain Damage and Fibromyalgia

Neurotransmitter Dysregulation

One of the most common types of brain damage found in people with fibromyalgia is a result of neurotransmitter dysregulation. It will not matter whether fibromyalgia or the neurotransmitter dysregulation comes first. However, the fact that there are neurotransmitter issues, can easily trigger the other. Neurotransmission is the process where the brain takes in signals and formulates responses as a result of the learned action and biochemical reaction.

With a condition like fibromyalgia where an entire disorder exists within the body, it makes real sense why the neurotransmitters can become dysregulated along with chronic pain and several other symptoms. If your brain is damaged, neurotransmitter dysregulation will be the first dysfunction. It can create a cluster of symptoms that can lead to fibromyalgia.

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    • I do not believe that fibromyalgia
      Is that bad. I’ve had it for a very
      Long time now, and I have learned
      To live with it.

      I don’t have very much pain now
      And I manage to get around,
      Doing the shopping, and all
      The housework in our home,
      And getting plenty of exercise when
      I can.

      I’m happy with my life and can
      Sympathise with others who are
      Worse off than me.

      I am in my seventies now and I don’t
      Let fibromyalgia interfere with anything I do.


  • I have fibromyalgia and have for a long while. I also have Charlie horses in strange places through out my body I have them in my guts,chest,ribs, and loins of my back and in my neck I even be get them inside my rectum, Theses are a daily thing for me,does this connect to the fibromyalgia?

  • I went through the same for about a month and then it disappeared, it was hell while it lasted and the doc didn’t really take it seriously. I dread it happening again, poor you

  • I get burning pain in legs and feet.There are times my cheekbone feels shooting pain too.Gabapentin I had to increase alot lately. Is there other meds to take along this line with out wrecking my gut

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